Saturday 18 April 2015

In My House by Alex Hourston

I have to make an apology in advance, I love being able to read or use an item before telling you about it but life has caught me on the hop a bit recently, combine that with having just started a new book when this landed on my doormat and you may see why I've not got round to reading this pre-released copy of Alex Hourston's 'In My House' yet.   However I hate to delay any review by more then 2 weeks, and always aim to get something up before a book is released, so what I'll do is to tell you all about this book and then pop back with my verdict  on it just as soon as I have managed to open the cover and enjoy the story.   My aim is for this to happen before its official release on 21st May 2015, Sorry!

If you've get hold of the book when it's released I'd love you to share your opinions.

From the description given it sounds just like my sort of book, I love a good mystery and tales of suspense which is why I was eager to get my hands on a copy.  Fairy tale happy endings and predictability, whilst having their place, are nothing compared to a book that makes you think and question your own ideas.  I can't wait to get started, in fact I flicked through it to get an idea of what the writing style was like and had to stop myself from reading too much in the last few chapters so as not to spoil the ending..

In My House, Alex's debut novel features the life of 57 year old Margaret (Maggie), with her careful routines and measured pleasures. However her life changes when, walking through Gatwick, a young woman approaches her and whispers  'Help.'

Maggie has to respond and manages to save Anja, giving her freedom and ensuring the arrest of a brutal trafficker.   Maggie doesn't like being in the public eye and when the story of her rescue gets in the papers she is panicked..... she also begins to received some strange phone calls... who is behind them?  

Meanwhile, since parting ways, Anja makes contact wanting s to thank her rescuer, but quickly insinuates herself into Maggie's life. As her relationship with Anja intensifies, Maggie begins to reveal, in increments, what it is she has been hiding.   As the book follows this unlikely friendship Maggies past begins to reveal her secrets and the reader is drawn into a slippery moral maze where every choice is compromised.

This book is designed to keep you guessing about what really happened until the very end (which I love .... I hate predictability).

In My House is written by Alex Hourston and was shortlisted for the Lucy Cavendish Fiction Prize 2013. The book is published by Faber and Faber and is available in Hardback and on Kindle on the 21st May 2015, why not pre-order it on the below Amazon link.

If you want to keep up to date with book signings or anything further from Alex you can follow her on Twitter @alex_hourston.

Disclaimer:  Alex/ Faber amd Faber sent me a proof copy of In My House to review for this article.

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