Sunday 12 April 2015

Flowers from Tesco

I don't get flowers very often :(  usually Valentine's day and sometimes my birthday but more often than not it's only when my husband had done something very very bad and thinks that's the way to make it up.  Honestly my kids buy me flowers more (usually with my money lol).  So when Tesco sent me a £5 voucher to try their selection I couldn't think of a more deserving person to treat.
My local Tescos has a great range so I was spoilt for choice, from beautiful seasonal bouquets to hand-tied finest* designs their flowers are sourced from British and international growers.  Whether it's seasonal favourites like daffodils, sunflower or lillies to more premium exotic ranges from Holland, Kenya or Colombia there's sure to be something for you to fall in love with in all the colours of the rainbow.  They also offer a freshness guarantee which varies depending on which bloom you choose (up to 14 days on some).  

I choose a glorious bunch of lillies and roses which offered a 7 day guarantee. I must admit with some of the buds already open, and the sell by date very short (had I bought on the 9th of March they'd not have survived the 7 days), I was dubious about this claim.
I took them home, cut the bottoms of the stems to freshen them up and added the sachet of food to the water in my vase before arranging them.

They had a beautiful smell but I didn't notice it lingering unless you actually took time to put your nose in them.

As you can see from the pictures they bloomed into the most stunning flowers, ....

Day 3      Day 5

....but as we got to day 6 they started to die. The edges of the roses were the first to go brown and, although all did survive the 7 days the roses were thrown away on that day.


Day 6
Although looking a little worse for wear the lilies lasted 12 days in total which I was really impressed with.  

Day 12
Would I buy them again?  They are a great price (compared to a florets) and as you can pick them up with your grocery shop it makes life so much easier so if I regularly bought them I probably would, however as I only get them for special occasions I would like to try other retailers first to see how the life compares.

Tesco also do some amazing looking larger finest* bouquets for gifts which are modern, interesting and exciting, as well as being individually hand tied. 

I saw some if these in Tesco while I was there and loved the Provence Bouquet.  It had the most amazing bright colours.  white bloom chrysanthemums, pink roses and oriental lilies alongside pink germini, spray carnations and fresh green foliage.

(pictures from Tesco website)

Have you ever bought grocery store flowers? What was your experience?

Disclaimer: Tesco sent me a £5 voucher to buy some flowers for a review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Lovely post hun. I love flowers and pretty impressed with store bought flowers. Roses ans tulips are my favourite ️xx