Friday 3 April 2015

Lush: Bunch of Carrots - Bubble Bars

Happy Easter.  Last week I brought you Fluffy Egg, part of Lush's Easter range, well this week we all tried out the Bunch of Carrots (or rather 1 of them).

These don't smell like carrots but rather a fruity, fragrant blend of buchu (antiseptic and anti-inflammatory), lemon oil and bergamot oil (both uplifting and cleansing) and grapefruit creating yellowy/ orange water and as many bubbles as you want.

These bubble bars are really easy to use, you can either hold them under the tap or swirl them into the water.
I used 1/3 of the bar in each of my baths, just placing it on the side to dry back out when I had finished.  This gave an adequate amount of bubbles however if you are a very bubbly person you'd probably want to use 1/2 or even the whole thing.  The water did turn a very light orangey/ yellow and you could smell the fragrance, similar to the Fluffy Egg I found this went very quickly.

The bath did soften the water and moisturise my skin which was great and the amount of baths we will potentially get out of it (9) for £5.95 is quite a bargain when it comes to the kids.... and of course the novelty aspect of it is very clever and well marketed.

I was sure I had a video to show you but it's vanished from all devices so I'll take one next time we use a carrot and post it as an update.

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