Saturday, 1 November 2014

Face Paint Fun

This half term has been all about facepainting in our house.  I bought a set of Snazaroo assorted colours for Ben's birthday and we've experimented quite a few times, must admit I'm quite enjoying it.

We started off with a cheap selection of facepaints last year but you can really tell the difference in quality.  Trouble is with the selection being only 1 and 2 ml some are running out so we are saving the pennies and waiting for a good offer (like 3 for 2) so we can buy the larger 18ml ones.

Here's a selection of what we've done so far - I'll be updating the album as we do more.

Elmo and Cookie Monster


The Yellow angry bird

Batman Fake

Captain America


Red angry bird

Frozen designs for a party


For his birthday Ben wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle 

Mummy wanted to be a Spider Princess for Halloween .... Ben wanted to do the make up for me....
hmmmm.... not quite what I had in mind!!

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