Friday 9 May 2014

300 picture book challenge - April Update


I won't tell a lie, April seemed to go without a trace this month.  It was Noah's birthday, half term. Easter and we had a week away.

Yes we found time to read (in fact I distinctly remember reading Topsy and Tim go to London on at least 3 occasions as well as various books on the train journeys.  But shamefully I completely forgot/ was too busy to record anything!

I'll be honest, we did have a bad month, we didn't read every day but some days we read 2 or 3 books.  Out of fairness I can't justify recording 0 but neither do I want to claim 30+ books.

Books we do remember reading these 13 (because I wrote them down)

Topsy and Tim Visit London
Kids Bible - The Easter Story
Mr Men - Mr Birthday
Noahs Ark
The real floppy
Moan Moan Moan
The Secret Room
Pip and the Little Monkey
Pirate Adventure
tabby in the Tree
Wet Feet
Fun in the Garden
I'm going to give myself 20 which probably isn't enough but doesn't feel like cheating (I hope others agree?)  I will aim tho to read as many as possible in the next few days so by the end of December we are on 305+ and it won't have made a difference to the figure.

Sorry **slaps myself on the wrist and told to do better next time**

total: 117/300


  1. I've been like this for months. I've no idea where we are with books. Don't slap yourself, 20 is great for a month (and I bet it was more really) :-)

    1. we did MUCH better in May.... only just realised I haven't updated (I am sooo far behind on all my 1st of the month jobs!)