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Wall Art Stickers Review

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As you know we recently moved into our new house and Ben went from having a themed room to 4 bare walls, with the exception of a lovely blue feature wall. just screaming out for something. With his bed against this wall it wasn't the place to hang posters so we were toying with the idea of a large sticker. You know the type that are EVERYWHERE at the moment a nice wordy graphic in a beautiful font that sums him up to a T. At 5 years old he's growing up too quickly so I didn't want anything too babyish as he's practically a teenager (as I get reminded daily with his attitude and allergy to mornings!).

Anyway the hunt took us to many places but with prices ranging anywhere from a few £ to an A1 size to upwards of £30 for a huge one the hunt had been postponed until payday (then the next payday, then the next.....) or until we found something perfect.

Then, as if they could read my mind, Wall Art Stickers UK asked for bloggers to test their wall stickers, naturally I signed up with fingers crossed......and got some brilliant news.

Who are Wall Art Stickers UK?

They are a small company based in Wirral. They have a dedicated retail shop which is open Mon - Fri 9pm - 5pm and an online store with hundreds of designs.

They have many designs that there is sure to be something to suit everyone:
Animals, Army, Baby, Banksy, sport, transport, Chinese, Dinosaurs, Fairies, Princess, Floral, Trees, Food, Gambling, Graffiti, Hair and Beauty, Home And Family, Landmarks, Maps, London Themes, Love Hearts, Music, Novelty, Pirates, Planets & Space, Robots, Signs, Skyline, TV Celebs, Under The Sea, Vintage
and our personal favourite Word Quotes

They have ideas for individual rooms: Bathroom, Bedroom, Kitchen, Gym

And for those special occasions: Christmas, Easter, Valentines Day

Wall Art Stickers will also create stickers for Windows and Van's.

It took us hours to choose a perfect shortlist before giving Ben the final decision. But we settled on a saying made famous by Bruno Mars "Today I don't feel like doing anything, I just want to lay in my bed"

Even once we'd chosen that there were more decisions to make, which style? which colour? which size?

What do you get?

The sticker comes well packaged in a cardboard tube with a soft applicator and instructions. Our sticker, thankfully, came in 2 halves to make it easier to apply.

Orders are generally dispatched within 1-2 working days from placement. This is to allow time for creation.

Whilst the website states that all stickers are posted via Royal Mail 1st class, Mon-Fri (before 2pm) ours was sent 48h post.  If you are after it urgently I would suggest contacting them first.

How easy are wall stickers to apply? 

We found the instructions a little difficult to follow but with a bit of guess work, winging and turning the instructions at various angles (that always helps right?) we thought we knew what we were doing. We had ordered the largest size (73 x 145 cm) as it was a perfect fit in the space above Ben's bed. I imagine smaller ones would be far more manageable and this was not going up without 2 people.

The wall stickers suggest using masking tape to help with placement, would say this is essential if you are putting it up single-handedly. We couldn't find any so had to do without which made it rather flimsy and
difficult to manage.

It's a bit like putting stickyback plastic on a book (admit it we all spent out school days doing that, getting the air bubbles out with a ruler) just on a MUCH larger scale.

I would imagine we chose one of the harder designs to put up as each letter is individual and prefers to stick to the backing paper then the wall. With plenty of scraping, easing and talking nicely to it we peeled the paper off and left the letters on the wall. And I'm sure you'll admit it looks fantastic (even if I do say so myself)! With a larger design (such as the robot or a butterfly) the design would be one huge piece of vinyl so once you have one bit off the rest will come away smoothly.

The wall stickers are not designed to be repositionable, however we did have to carefully peel ours off and try again - this is probably a benefit of them being individualised rather than the design. Wall Art Stickers are designed to be removed easily when you want to by heating gently using a hair dryer and then peeling the sticker off the wall. Due to the high quality removable vinyl there should be no mess and no evidence of the wall sticker after removal, if there is residue from the stickers they suggest using a cleaning fluid to remove it. Sorry but I won't be trying this step just yet, however if we ever do have to I will update the post.

You can add a name to most
customised ones

Can I get a customised wall stickers? 

Yes, Wall Art Stickers offer a bespoke design and customised service. Just provide them with your
requirements including size, colour, and customisation details and they will email you a quotation.

Where can I apply the wall stickers?

Wall Art Stickers can be applied to almost any smooth surface including but not limited to smooth wallpaper, paint, glass, windows, metal, plastic, wood, tiles, mirrors, drywall, plaster, laptops, cars, boats, vans and other vehicles.

They are not recommended for use on textured surfaces i.e. brickwork or fabric.

How long do the wall stickers last? 

All Wall Stickers are made using a premium quality vinyl with a 3-5 year outdoor manufactures guarantee.

However they will last many years indoors.

Still not sure? 

If you’re not sure what they will look like, or want to check the colour you can order a sample using the free sample request section.

What colour would best suit my wall?

Wall Art Stickers suggest using contrasting and complementary colours. They have loads of combinations illustrated on their site so you can use those to help.

Still not sure then simply take a photo of your wall and email it to us along with your desired sticker and colour selection, and they will superimpose it onto the photo and email you back.. what a fantastic service.

What about their communication and aftercare service?

Wall Art Stickers are very thorough, ensuring that you get the correct product, perfect for someone like me who managed to send them the wrong URL link twice .... doh!

They did miss my instructions and scraper out of the package but posted this out immediately first class, you can't say better then that.

How do I contact Wall Art Stickers UK?
Twitter: @tritecgraphics


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