Thursday, 22 May 2014


A brain child I had last night, sat at home will all my 'fiends' telling me how they had far to much of a life to go out with me (on the one night I've ever asked them) so I turned to my online friends.
  We got talking about how you can always rely on your virtual friends and that some of them might only live up the road from me but yet we don't know each other.

So here's the plan ........ lets meet up for a #Sheffblogmeet.

With the Summer Weather upon us (she says as it buckets it down outside) the plan is to have a picnic in the Peace Gardens (however if the weather takes its toll we will have to use the Winter Gardens or pub/ cafe).

As this is the first one I'm organising and is really soon I've not got time to scour for goodie bags (as much as I'd like too) tho I may see I can drum up some cakes and strawberries... However if it gets a good turnout and everyone enjoys themselves I'll organise a bigger and better one (have already started on the search for a venue)

I'll have my 2 kids in tow (3 years old and 5) so feel free to bring yours along with you - if anyone is good at face painting please do volunteer.

It would be lovely to know if you can come so everyone can check each others blogs and tweet talk before hand but life and plans change so if it's a last minute decision that's fine it'll still be fantastic to see you there.

If you can't make it on the 1st me and the boys will be in town on the 15th of June for Little Sheffield's event and ti would be lovely to meet anyone else about there.

If you don't tweet of blog but would still like to join us it would be lovely to see you there.... perhaps we can talk you into joining the online community.

Please share/ RT/ word of mouth and lets put #sheffblogmeet on the map.

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