Thursday, 8 May 2014

It's May ... it must therefore be "lets see how much HMRC can annoy working parents" time

I got home today to find an HMRC envelope, tatty looking paper inside and the instructions to fill it in (my name, hubby's name and address) and post it back (not even a pre-paid envelope).

Being the suspicious person I am alarm bells were sounding when it states it's a TC664  (change of circumstances) form yet the instructions tell me to go online and find out how to complete a TC600 form - which looks nothing like this.

I tried to call Tax Credits and answered all the automated questions - my name, DOB, NI number security questions etc do it to end with "your call cannot be taken right now, try again later or look on line, goodbye" and the phone went dead.  Not even but in a queue with annoying music.

Looking online it seems to be when they need to confirm missing details.  Now 6 months ago (ish) I moved house.  I told the child benefit office who advised they would tell Tax credits and the systems would be updated.   I'm guessing this didn't happen properly.   According to HMRC's process manuals (freely available online) they make 2 phone calls before resorting to a postal mailout ..... ahh well - that would explain the 2 missed calls last week from a private number with no voice mail left!!

As if I don't have enough to do as a full time working mum without one department not bothering to talk to another and making it as difficult as possible for you to contact them and discuss things.

If this messes up my tax credit claim I will go mad, why can't one department simply talk to another.... why do they have an inability to leave a voicemail??  Why send a letter without actually stating the reason for sending it??

Why can you still ..... in 2014 .... NOT be able to update your HMRC details ONLINE??????

It's the height of claim season and yet their phone lines simply cut you off - that in itself is appalling!!  If they know they are too busy to take calls why bother to make someone go through the rigmarole of a million and one personal questions to begin with??



  1. Aarrgghh! I know what you mean. We're currently not entitled to tax credits because of the changes 2 years ago (I think) but there was a period where our income dropped by half during that time (I lost job, DH went part time) but because of the April-April year we weren't entitled to anything. If the year had been October-October we would have as we were below for a year but at the wrong time. Not much use when you're struggling with a big income change, fortunately we got back on track faster than expected (but it's been stressful with DH working two jobs) Hope it's not too much pain to sort out for you!

    1. gosh that's pants. I've no idea how we would have coped, can barley get by on 2 salaries as it is.. well done you.