Saturday, 10 May 2014

My son is turning into me **hangs head in shame**

I need to sell my Luna ... I cannot put it off any longer, I LOVE that buggy and parting with it will be like admitting my baby is growing up.
     So I cleaned it all up and tried to find the limited edition London liner to put in it for photos ..... but it wasn't there.  I KNOW my husband washed it a month or so ago but where had he put it afterwards???

I did text him at work and got the helpful "I don't know" reply.

I emptied EVERY cupboard and looked in the linen baskets (they're the obvious places right?!) but it wasn't there.  So I went down to the cellar (this is ME we are talking about).  I found a few things I'd lost or forgotten about over the last few months and brought them all upstairs into the dining room to "put away".  I found Ben's book bag we lost at Christmas (yes we did check the cellar.... every box ... twice ... so where had it been hiding??) but I didn't find the liner.

I then went up to Noahs room .... looked in every box/ cupboard/ drawer ... found a few things to add to the selling pile and took them downstairs to the dining room.

Onwards and upwards ... Ben's room got an overhaul.  Except then I remembered I wanted to move his room around and sort it out ....... 6 hours, 2 bin bags and 3 new "to be sorted" boxes later I left his room.

Ben got bored at around the 5 hour mark of helping me in his room and wanted to play with the trainset downstairs... the conversation (up 2 flights of stairs) went something like this........

Ben: Can I have the train track out?

Me: no you can't see the dining room floor (you couldn't it was covered in around 5 large boxes and 2 pushchairs after my 'tidying').

Ben: I'll tidy it up.... if I tidy up can I have the trains out?

Me: well IF you tidy it (not a hopes chance it'll take me hours) then yes you can probably have the trains out (note the use of the word 'probably' as if it took him 3 hours to tidy up he'd STILL expect them out even tho it was bedtime).

Ben: (10 minutes later):.... Done it.

Me: realllllyy???!!!!

Ben:  yup, it's ALLLL tidy .... can I get the trains out now?

Me:  ok, I'll be down to check in a minute...

And so I headed downstairs, Ben sat in an empty dining room beaming at what a good job he'd done...... the fact he's just MOVED everything into the kitchen and the front room ..............I couldn't tell him off tho, he'd done what he said and tidied the dining room.

He is SOOO my child!!!!!

And as for the liner ... we still can't find it ..... WHERE can it be?????

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