Friday, 6 March 2015

Lush: dragons egg

I'm in love,  this has to be my favourite bath bomb ever.  With its rich citrusssy smell, 'rose petals', goldy orange colour and glitter it's perfectly relaxing.

On the exterior dragons egg is a white sphere with pretty speckled bits in it, don't pass it over as boring it's far from it...when you drop it into the water it's secret centre is revealed along with it the fragrance of Jasmine, Bergamount and Lemon Oils.

All bath bombs are hand made so it would stand to reason that no 2 are alike. I treated myself to one a week ago (before knowing I'd won the 29 high street gift set) and it released loads of 'rose petals' (red rice paper) that floated on the surface as I soaked, this one only seems to have 2 in.  The other point to note is the popping candy listed in the ingredients. Unlike Fizzbanger that made that distinct crackle while it exploded neither of these did, not even a little bit, obviously it's not essential to the product but it does make bath time more fun 😊

Would I Buy It Again?   Too right I would, in fact I may just stock up next time in case Lush decide to discontinue it.

Dragons egg is priced at £3.35.

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