Saturday, 21 March 2015

The Gruffalo Experience, Meadowhall

We really love the Gruffalo in this house, whether it be the book  or going through the woods (Sherwood Pines or Thorndon) on a Gruffalo Hunt.  So imagine how excited I was when I found out that Unit 10 Eventive and Magic Light Pictures were bringing him to Meadowhall in a world premier of the Gruffalo Experience.

As you enter the huge pop up building you are transformed into a mouse and taken into the deep dark wood.


This set is really out of the pages of the book in cartoon style with plenty of hidden animals to catch the eye.   Once into the clearing the children are settled down to learn all about the animals in
the story - what does snake feel like?  why is owl so grumpy?  How does a fox balance?  It really is an edutainment (education and entertainment) experience.  The characters are broiught to life through large cartoon styled puppets operated by your story guide.  Personally I was a little surprised at this, I was expecting people dressed up and to walk along and meet them, don't get me wrong it works but the puppetry is not hidden, and I can, sadly, imagine older children spoiling it for youngsters who still have the imagination and want to believe in the creatures coming to life - certainly the 5 and 6 year olds attending the preview were  absorbed by the animals.

Once you've met the animals you are taken through into another clearing where you help to tell the gruffalo story in a fully interactive experience  supported by animated clips (from the film) before meeting the star of the show himself.

After the event the children are given the chance to meet the Gruffalo in person and have their photo taken.  These can be purchased to take home at £6 each (or £5 for a Keyring, £5 for a magnet or £13 for the set).  They do not allow you to take any photograph during the experience or with the Gruffalo which is a shame for families on a budget.  The experience costs £7.50 per person (excluding booking fees) for a 45 minute show.  This applies to everyone (even adults) but not children under 2 years old.   Readers of my blog/ twitter followers will know how much I resent adult's being charged for kids experiences when they have no option but to accompany them and I do deny my boys a lot of these experiences because of this.  Saying that now I have experienced the event I will be getting them tickets because I think they will enjoy it, so please don't be put off by the prices.

The Gruffalo opens to the public today (21st March) and will run until 12th April 2015. Tickets are selling fast so early booking is advised.  Once you get to Meadowhall you can't get last..... just follow the giant footprints through the Oasis.

It would be advisable to book tickets online in advance as many of the shows are now completely sold out (or only have child tickets left... not sure how that would work).  However if you are in Meadowhall you can book at the box office.

For further details, prices and bookings please visit:

Disclaimer:  I was invited to the press day for the Gruffalo Experience to be able to write this post, it has not been endorsed or sponsored by Unit 10.


  1. It cost £25 for my husband & I to accompany our son. It was nothing more than a story session. Very disappointing

    1. oww it's a shame you didn't enjoy it. (tho I don't see why you feel the need to vent it on my blog instead of at the organisers). Thanks for stopping by.

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