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12 weeks to go .... Halloween Party Ideas

The next few months are really busy for us.....
I still have a few days camping with the boys planned with my mum in August
Back to school and the start of a new job for me in September
Both Ben and hubby's birthday's in October
Bonfire night in November
then Christmas in December.........

Before we know it we'll be singing Auld Lang Syne and hoping next year doesn't go so quickly.

It's Ben's birthday in October but once again it falls in the half term, which means parties are a nightmare to organise as children go away, and we like to do family stuff, plus it's so close to the beginning of the new school term you just never know who will be in the best friend spotlight to get invitations sent out.
  Therefore we don't tend to organise a big party for his birthday, instead we tend to have a Halloween one meaning both boys can invite a couple of friends each and mummy and daddy can also have friends over.  When Blogging Edge asked me to make a Pinterest Board for "All About Party Bags" for the chance to win some goodies, I thought "yes please" and decided to go one better and expand on it with my blog.

So here are my top tips for making a Halloween party go with a scream.

1)  Invitations

I'm probably the first to admit I rarely use pen and paper anymore.  If I invite someone over it's far quicker to send them a Facebook message or text then wait for a letter to (hopefully) hit their doormat,
The boys are still young tho and really like to take a personal invitation into school for their friends.

These ones are great if you are only sending a few and want to write all the details out by hand.

Feeling lazy, you can email all your details to this company who will send them already printed, all you need to worry about is writing a name on an envelope.

2) Decorate the House.

I love this part of the party, I tend to get lots of spiders webbing and cover the house in it.

It would look even better with some black spiders hiding in it

Balloons feature highly in any party decoration, nothing keeps the kids entertained more.  Whether they are plain orange and black or decorated ones.  I love these ones I found on Amazon for this year.

While the kids are running around candles are probably not the best idea, but when they''ve gone to bed and the adults have opened the vodka these really add to the atmosphere.  I got these candle holders a couple of years ago, aren't they fab?!   Of course you could always substitute the candle in them for a battery operated tealights while the kids are up.

Who doesn't love bunting, it's all the rage at the moment and this one from All About Party Bags has caught my eye for this year.

3) Dress Up

We never need an excuse to get dressed up, but Halloween is definitely up there in our favourites.  Noah has been known to go to a birthday party in the middle of June in his ghost costume.

Pretty sure I was thinking "never again!"

I tend to wear my boring cat outfit but would love to go with a theme this year for the whole family.  There were some fantastic suggestions here.  I'll admit I did look at the Ghostbusters one last year and loved it.  

4) Food

You can never have too much party food.  Whether it's "Blood Punch" made from various juices, syrups and ginger beer, cookies, Haunted Pizza or simply shaped sandwiches you can find something for everyone.  


5) Games

Keep the kids occupied with spooky fun games.  Our favourite is Toilet Paper Mummy races  which are great for grown ups or children, it will however require l require lots of loo roll! Split into teams and provide them with equal amounts of toilet paper.  Each team chooses someone to be the mummy (I would suggest the smallest child in each...or the biggest grown up).   Whichever team completely wraps their 'mummy' in toilet paper first, wins.


Last week we went to Manor Lodge and had a go at potion making,  They boys had so much fun sniffing different herbs and spices.  They crushed these up and added some water and food colouring before we carefully decanted into little vials. 

I've found some more great ideas on All About Party Bags blog and can't wait to try some of them out like Skeleton Puzzle.

Pass the Parcel keeps children busy for ages (and ages and ages .... watch how many layers you put on lol).  All About Party Bags makes even this simple and makes them up for you with between 8 and 15 layers.    The Halloween one has one themed gift in each layer.

6)  Party Bags

No party would be complete for kids without a party bag to take home.  At All About Party Bags it would be safe to say this is their speciality and they don't disappoint.  They do a selection of pre-filled party bags, all differing in size and contents.


But if you don't fancy any of them, or have children of different ages coming then they sell bits separately so you can make your own.

Here's what I'd do:

A Bugs and Slugs box would make a change from a flimsy party bag.

Filled with:
A Halloween Jotter



Spider Eraser

And a couple of Temporary Tattoos

These pencils from Amazon would make a great addition.

Have I missed anything?  What's your favourite thing to do at Halloween??

Follow my Halloween Pinterest board here for more ideas I've not had space to mention.

This post was written to support to Pinterest entry into the Blogging Edge, All About Party Bags, competition.   All ideas and opinions are my own.

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