Thursday, 13 August 2015

Review: Sizzling Pubs, The Park

We love this restaurant, and generally if we are going out for a family evening meal this is the pub of choice.  You may remember a couple of years ago I actually voted it one of my favourite places to eat.  I was therefore eager to try them out for breakfast when I found out they had started to do it.

Me and my son got there around 9.15 today (Thursday) and were the only ones in the place. We ordered our meals (a small brekkie for me and pancakes with strawberries in syrup and fluffy cream) at 9.20. 20 minutes later it arrived!!! Now granted it was fresh but even I can cook 1 sausage and 1 piece of bacon in less than 20 minutes. Heck I could have walked to the local shop, bought it and cooked it in that amount of time.  In fact I am sure our last evening meal came faster!!   I can only assume they didn't have any hot plates switched on or prep done.  The toast turned up dry and when I tried to ask for some butter the one member of staff had vanished. The next time I saw him was very briefly as he went past us into an office when we were leaving.  We were never asked if we needed anything (other than cutlery), whether our food was ok, or offered an apology for the length of time it took.

Classic Breakfast:  egg, bacon, sausage, half tomato, hash brown, baked beans, toast with butter.  £2.49  + Cup of tea (£1)

The strawberries in syrup for the pancakes clearly came straight out of a tin, the pancakes were a good size though and did look freshly cooked. They tasted good too.

American Style Pancakes with Strawberries in sauce and fluffy cream.   £2.49 + My5 fruit shoot £1.50ish?

The tea/ coffee are re-fillable (yourself) if you wish to spend any length of time in there. It was a little concerning the very hot hot water container was at small child height tho. 

Upon leaving I also noticed a low down piece of the bar area opposite the kitchen door/ cutlery where the staff clearly leave belongings - involving a packet of ibuprofen ...... again at child height. I can only hope this was empty. Do these staff have no awareness of child safety????

Had far better and faster service and food 15 minutes up the road which is where I'll be going back to in the future.

I don't like leaving bad reviews and generally I would have raised my complaints with the manager before leaving, but as the restaurant was deserted this opportunity was not present.

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