Monday 3 August 2015

Tesco Orchard Review: Summer Fruit and Veg - Carrot Spaghetti

Ben is becoming really picky when it comes to veg recently, peas are too green, corn on the cob too hard (he has wobbly teeth) but sweetcorn too boring (unless swimming in butter).  Carrot's are usually too hard or too soft ..... my patience was wearing a little thin.  Tesco were there for me again, carrot spaghetti.  This was something new and therefore something the boys were happy to try, they loved it.


Cold in salads
Noah, being at nursery, still takes a packed lunch to school and I take a salad to work.  I don't normally put carrot in  as I can't be bothered to peel and chop it.   Tesco carrot spaghetti made it effortless to bring a brighter alternative taste and texture.    On the downside it doesn't last as long once opened and goes really watery.



I'm sure this tastes great warm but, and unfortunately I can't find a photo, I murdered it.  Whilst I pretended to enjoy it the boys spat it out and advised me just how terrible it was and please could they leave it.  I had to agree, it was limp and tasteless.

At £1 a tub I'll definitely be buying it again, I kept catching the boys sneaking it  out the tub when they thought I wasn't looking.

Have you tried spaghetti carrot, or courgette I'd love to see your ideas - tweet me @chickywiggle or on google+  +chickywiggle 
Disclaimer:  I was given money off vouchers enabling me to get the above product for less as part of the Orchard at Tesco Programme.  The thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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