Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Bad Mums Club: How judgemental are you?

There's not many times I read a post and want to hug the person writing it, to say a huge THANKYOU for making me realise we are all crappy parents sometimes.

For making me realise it's not just me who gets the dirty look because that observer has seen me boil fury at my boys for asking a question ....... who doesn't realise that it's the 30th time in 10 minutes they have asked it and every time have got the same reply.

Thank you John Kinnear for making my night.........

Why???  Read his post "Dear Crappy Parent" here.......... and welcome him as an honorary #badmumsclub member.

John also has his own blog

I'm off to read some more of his fab posts......"4 Things I Buy for My Kids That Are Really For Me" ...... anyone else relate completely??

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