Friday, 1 May 2015

Lush: May Day

This bath bomb is so cute, resembling a badger, it also smells amazing ..... just like sherbet lemons.  And if there's one thing you know about me I'm one for re-living my childhood through sights and smells.   In addition to this though for every one of these fruity, sweet-smelling bath bombs that's sold, all the proceeds (minus the VAT) will go towards the groups behind the Votes For Animals campaign giving animals a voice this election: Animal Aid, The League Against Cruel Sports, and Save Me.   So you can relax knowing you are supporting a great cause with your purchase.

The May Day bath bomb has few ingredients yet is really moisturising.  It contains fennel oil to stimulate your skin, and antiseptic rosewood oil to soothe and uplift. Its sweet, sherbety fragrance will leave you feeling calm and revived.

The scent for this one really lingers on your skin and in the room, it's one of those products you can smell even while still in its bag.

On the downside this bath bomb dissolves really quickly and, because it's white, there's not a lot to excite you (no whizzing around the bath or spilling a multitude of colours).  And, ultimately, the bath water remains a milky white.

Would I buy again?  I do like the fact I can support a charitable cause whilst enjoying a lovely smelling bath so to this extent yes I would probably buy again, however it doesn't replace my favourites.

Cost: £2.95 each

Disclaimer:  I have not been asked or sponsored to write this post.

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