Thursday, 7 May 2015

Moving: Big Yellow Self Storage

I have to say the biggest thank you to these guys for assisting with my house move.  As we all know one of the perils of packing is ....... well ..... packing.  What boxes do you use?  How full do you fill them?  How many will you need? 
    And the ultimate test ........ will they withstand the move?!

Last time we moved we didn't exactly 'pack' we more threw things in anything we had available.  Noah was little and still in Nappies so the majority of our possessions were packed in Pampers/ Huggies boxes.  Which were really strong - but small.  They were great for moving smaller items like those cables you never use or books or socks but not really great for anything larger.  How did we overcome this?  We brought more boxes .... but not cardboard ones as hubby decided if we got lots of plastic ones we can put our stuff in them then re-use them at the new house.  Except  for one little flaw - the boxes almost all got damaged, either because they were overfull or due to being dropped/ bashed.

If you live in any UK city you've probably driven past the people at Big Yellow Storage solutions many times, their bright buildings certainly stand out from the crowd - but did you know they also sell storage boxes, padlocks and shelving?? Bubble wrap, corrugated cardboard and tissue paper?? Marker pens, chair/ mattress and sofa covers??  Shrink wrap, rope, twine, tape and tape guns???
It's no wonder they were my first point of call when I was looking for the materials to box up our house.

The question is though ........ how many boxes?  What size??


For a 3-4 bedroom house like ours Big Yellow recommend their Large Multipack which retails at £80..
This contains:
8 x small boxes
10 x medium boxes
5 x large boxes
1 x outer box

3 x rolls of tape
1 x tape gun
1 x marker pen
10m x bubble wrap

The small boxes are perfect for books (it took 9 for us to do ours and the kids books).  They are Branded 2 ply corrugated cardboard boxes, made from 100% recycled card.  This makes then really strong.   They can also be used for CD's, DVD's small ornaments or crockery.

Size:  Width: 355mm/ 13.98", Depth: 295mm/ 11.61" and Height: 365mm/ 14.37"

You can also purchase these separately for £2.50 each.

The medium boxes are identical to the small ones, just larger measuring 405mm/ 15.94" square.  Making them ideal for paperback books (although be careful of how many you fill it with, you don't want them too heavy to lift), pots and pans or small linens.  I found them ideal for packing leaver arch files and paperwork in.

These can also be purchased separately for £3.50 each.

The large boxes are 510mm/ 20.8" square so these should be used to pack away your large linen; pillows, cushions, duvets, or a small sized monitor / portable TV.  They are also prefect for boxing up board games.  Unlike the smaller 2 boxes and large ones have hand holes in.

The large boxes retail at £4.50 each individually.

The outer box is huge!!  We are contemplating using it to transport the kids however we were advised this was not recommended so instead will use it for pictures, mirrors or garden tools.
The box measures: 710mm wide, 265mm deep and 1220mm high.   Unlike the smaller boxes this one is 85% recycled and 15% recyclable card but just as strong.

Each box has a tick section so you can indicate which room you want them putting in once they get to the new house and the marker pen is ideal for writing the contents onto the box.

As you can see the set comes with tape (RRP: £2.50 each) and a tape gun (RRP: £8.50).  Now hubby is pretty good at jigsaws but the tape gun doesn't come with any instructions and it was more trial and error to get it working.  The tape does a fab job of securing the flaps on the boxes to stop your contents spilling all over the floor.

Hints and Tips

Big Yellow also offer hints and tips both on their blog and twitter feed.  I'll be bringing you some of my favourites (and trying them out, where possible, for myself) over the next few weeks of packing and unpacking.

Do you know the best way to store cables?
How do you put a nail in the wall without banging your fingers?
What is the best way to spring clean?
Top tips to sell your home?

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Disclaimer:  I approached Big Yellow to collaborate on, and sponsor, my blog over the next few weeks on a mini-series about moving.   I received free packing boxes in return.
All words and opinions are my own.


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