Friday, 8 November 2013

2 adults, 2 children, 4 weeks ..... £200 challenge - the sequel

Brrrr October already.
With the September challenge over it seems wrong to call this the October challenge (as it goes into November)... hence "The Great Food Challenge - the sequel".

I have decided that this month, although I am aiming for a £200 (or less) spend over the next 4 weeks I will do a 'big shop' as and when it is required.  We are trying to run the freezers down ready for defrosting (and potentially moving in the beginning of December) so this sounds the way to go.

I'm only having 2 categories this month tho - food and drink.

Week 1 - w/c 12th October
This week I realised I hadn't taken advantage of Sainsbury's introductory offer of £15 off when you spend £60 with their online grocery service.  So instead of my usual Tesco shop (have been less then impressed with their customer service latly) I switched........

Once again I'm not allowed to meal plan for hubby (unless he is eating the same as us) but I have been able to sort out me and the boys.

SO - shopping is booked for 12.10.13 and the meal plan is written.

check out the full post about week 1 here..

Food: £42.43
drink: £13.75
But I also had £15 off so grand total: £41.18 altogether

Additional food - £2 on bread and milk.

Weekly total:  £42.18

Week 2 - w/c 19th October
no specific meal plan is written as we are not only out and about most of the weekend but wanted to use up what was in the house and if I tried to write this down it would be depressing lol.

Linky to week 2 here

Food: £38.42
drink: £3.25

Another brilliant week - again just bread, milk and apples for a top up.
cream to go on the boys hot chocolate and pastry for next weeks pie.

Additional total:  £5.48

Weekly total:  £47.15

Week 3 - w/c 26th October
 meal plan is written.

check out the full post about week 3 here..

Food: £
drink: £

Week 4 - w/c 2 November

ohh dear this didn't really happen this month did it? I got soo busy with moving that it had to take a back burner - all good intentions and all that.
I would love to say I will post the next few weeks as a challenge but the reality is we are literally eating out the cupboards so will try and blog about that and return with my challenge in the new year.

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