Saturday, 9 November 2013

To-do list 8th-14th November

Another hectic week, another week of no real blogging,  a bit of networking tho with #bloghour over on Twitter with UK Blog Awards and a fantastic chat with other parent bloggers (#pbloggers) on The Toadstools/ Marbel's Brio chat.

Moving day is getting closer..... 14 days and counting and I've........... made my lists, contacted some people (lots of blanket letters still to wright but as I've got my re-direction in for a year I'm not massively concerned).

My last (hopefully) meeting with the estate agents really wound me up - and they then added fuel to the fire by not bothering to reply to my e-mail i sent them yesterday.    Roll on getting the keys on the 23rd then I won't have to talk to them again for another 18 months (see my post here).

I've had some sad news this week that a virtual friend has passed away :( and had to break the news to some other virtual friends (post here) .  It may mean a couple of nights off blogging/ tweeting while I stitch my memorial.

So onto my to-do list for this week............

1) from #bloghour -  contact @photohunters re: sheffield photo blogging trail with kids in tow.  I must do this, not good blogging networking.
2) blog post - moneysaving christmas
3) blog post - meal plan for next week
4) blog post - christmas - advent calenders - feature update.
5) ponder Christmas theme for blog/ twitter

It's a short one but for now I am off to town to see if I can see any Cbeebies people ... didn't win tickets for the show (very sad :(  ) and ignore all the BlogFest tweets (very jealous)

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  1. Hi I visited #bloghour for the first time on Tuesday. Hopping over via Weekend Blog Hop and I've given you a follow on Twitter and Facebook