Friday, 22 November 2013

Moving .... one more sleep (ish)

EEEkkk - we get the keys tomorrow.  Well when I say 'we' I do of course mean 'I'.  Hubbys boss has kindly said he can have Sunday off (but not Saturday ... I won't repeat what I called him!)
So tomorrow I will be getting 2 very excited very hyperactive boys ready to go and pick up the keys, I will apparently then be expected to concentrate while they tell me lots of very important things while trying to keep an eye on said 2 boys who will be climbing the walls of the estate agents.

It will then be across the road to B&M to buy:
- New towels
- New crockey
- New Kettle

and onto the house........ to clean it.

Have you ever signed for somewhere and then suddenly a few days before moving had an 'arggg' moment.  Ours came last week.  Currently we do not use our front door, the letter box is on the back (easily accessible) and we always use the back door when leaving/ entering the house - which means we can have the TV in front of it and the corner sofa in the opposite corner.

Our plan for the new house was to have a similar arrangement...... however we just realised that at the new house we will HAVE to use the front door for post (and the pizza man) so putting the TV or Sofa in front of it is a no no.
No problem - mount the TV to the wall and put the sofa where it is currently .... ermm this may not work as the new fire has a stupid dangerous sticky out fireplace.  We are hoping we can either a) remove the fireplace (we probably won't use the fire anyway) or b) put the sofa in front of fireplace without loosing too much front room.  The last thing I want to do is sell my sofa it's virtually new and we LOVE it.

Now the kids have a proper playroom their toys 'should' stay up there so as long as the sofa doesn't end up right in the middle it'll be fine...... it'll be FINE... it will be FINE.... it will.... it WILL....... won't it?

I am planning on spending Sunday hiding at the new house, moving boxes into their correct rooms and making lots of cups of tea/ coffee/ hot dogs/ burgers and bacon sandwiches to keep the men happy.   It is FAR better that way - if I was at the house watching them take boxes out I would end up shouting at them for packing it wrong/ dropping things/ forgetting things etc.
Plus it means I can have MY music on without anyone moaning at me and if anything gets forgotten I can blame the husband :)

We've still got a weeks rental to pay on our current house so will be busily backwards and forwards as the walls need painting and the carpets cleaning and then.... I cannot wait to see the back of it.  It does also mean if we have forgotten anything we can either carry it to the new house or at worst get a taxi.

However as much as I know I'll love my new house when I'm in it but for now I'm really sad.  This has been my house for 6 years.  It is the house I brought both Ben and Noah home from the hospital too. It's where they have grown up.  I have 6 years of memories and well 'stuff' here ....... and I should know.. I've packed it all!!!!
although the new house will be a new canvas for me to make my own (to an extent, it's still rented so still limited) It won't be the same and the front room scenario is kind of masking my feelings.  that and the back fence that needs replacing and the decking that needs de-mossing, before I can let the kids out their safely.
Personally I still don't think the back garden is big enough but we are close to the park and closer to a lovely woodland walk that I am aiming to take the boys on lots.

What am I most looking forward too?  Sunday night ..... vodka (I don't drink champagne... tho we do still have 2 bottles of Cava from my graduation 8 years ago which will be opened) and pizza/ chips with our friends who have helped us all day.

Fingers crossed Sky get the dates right after moving fiasco and put the broadband on on monday (apparently they can't flick a switch on a saturday/ sunday.  Then I will update with pics of the new house before and after removal.

And that check list..... well lets just say YAY for Royal Mails redirection. I will be printing some standard letters once we've moved that I can simply add detail to and send back as and when post comes through cause I've not managed to change my address on ANYTHING!   so much for this virtual world where you can do everything online.

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