Friday, 8 November 2013

Photo A Day - November 2013 - week 1 (1st November to 7th November)

The main thread can be found here.  This page would soon get overcrowded tho so at the end of each week I will be moving them over onto their own post.

So here is week 1 - 1st to 7th November

1st November.
Sheffield Peace Gardens.
Don't the trees look lovely with lights on.

2nd November

The Haba First Nativity Playscene from The Toadstool
(watch out for a review blog post)

3rd November
Niagra Club Firework Display (Sheffield)

4th November
Today I will mostly be wearing glove socks

5th November

Watching the fireworks (which weren't obliging
for a picture) from the bath.

6th November

My Magic Moment
Quality Street always makes things better!!

7th November

Homemade Advent Calendar - painted
(not happy with it....but that's for another blog post)

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