Friday, 1 November 2013

to do list 1/11 - 7/11

Another hectic week, another week of no real blogging,  a bit of networking tho with #bloghour over on Twitter with UK Blog Awards.

Moving day is getting closer..... 22 days and counting and I've........... well done nothing really.   had been avoiding trying to change bills/ utitities etc over until we had confirmation hubby's credit check had passed but as his (insert sware word here) work STILL haven't done his reference I think I'm just going to have to bite the buttett and get it all moving (so to speak) before it's too late.

So onto my to-do list for this week............

1) from #bloghour -  contact @photohunters re: sheffield photo blogging trail with kids in tow.
2) from  #bloghour - contact @ukblogawards re blogging ebook
3)  go thro bedrooms/ living room - is there anything that can be binned/ freecycled/ charity shopped before moving at end of November
4) blog post - moneysaving christmas
5) blog post - legoland discovery centre, manchester
6) blog post - premier inn manchester trafford, south & coach house pub
7) must FINISH dating photos and put in album so they don't get lost in move
8) filing
9) meal plan for next week
10) blog post - shopping food spends £200 challenge - update and weekly post.
11) #ff
12) base colour paint on wooden advent calender
13) top colour paint on wooden advent calender
14) blog post - christmas - advent calenders - feature update.
15) ponder Christmas theme for blog/ twitter
16) order Tesco shopping
17) receive and put away tesco shopping.
18) enter the Aviva 'To do list' competition........

Right I MUST go finish that moving checklist that I didn't write last week.

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