Saturday, 16 November 2013

Photo A Day - November 2013 - week 2 (8th November to 14th November)

The main thread can be found here.  This page would soon get overcrowded tho so at the end of each week I will be moving them over onto their own post.

So here is week 2 - 8th to 14th November

8th November
We LOVE Lego..... and today I stole the
gingerbread man off my kids (he's my favourite)!!

9th November
The Cbeebies event in town
The Acro-Elves

10th November
Rocky Road

11th November
As if it's not cold enough this is how
the window man has left my bedroom window until tomorrow.

12th November
Ben wrote sticky labels for everything.

13th November
Ben built a Lego Cinema

14th November
Noah decided he wanted to play mummy
and went shopping

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