Monday, 26 May 2014

Scrambled Egg

It's quick it's easy and it used 2 fantastic products eggs and milk.  To be honest it's pretty difficult to get wrong too. 

You can amend it however you like with little difficulty depending on if you want a big meal or a light snack.

What do I need:

For basic scrambled egg (for 1 person) i use:
  • 2 eggs
  • a splash of milk
That's it.  Yup, told you you can't go wrong.

How do I do it:

There are many many ways to cook scrambled egg.  My num is traditional, she does it in a frying pan over the hob.  In my opinion it is FAR to easy to burn it this way, not to mention you have to continually stir it.

Here's my way!

Mix the milk and eggs in a jug.
Pop it in the microwave for a minute
Mix it again.
Repeat as many times as necessary until fluffy yummy eggs are produced.



A quick search would probably produce hundreds of variations however some are:
  • add butter to make it creamier
  • salt and pepper to season it
  • chop up some ham and add
  • grate some cheese into it
  • serve with bacon and/ or sausages 
  • serve on toast

How do you eat yours??

If you want to find out more on why A2 milk is different to normal milk check out my post on Ice Cream Milkshake.

Disclaimer: we were sent vouchers (for ourselves/ friends and family) to use on A2 milk as part of the Bzz campaign.  what we used then for and how we choose to spread the message is entirely up to us.


  1. Scrambled eggs is one of the meal my girls are experts at cooking....Even my 6 year
    We like it with ham and grated cheese in :)

    1. thats the BEST way to eat it and soo much quicker the proper omelettes :)