Monday, 7 September 2015

Summer Holiday: Brimham Rocks, Harrogate

The boys love it when we go to old Abbey's or Castles where they can explore the walls, but there's always the element of which bits they can and can't climb on safely whilst protecting the historic buildings.  Brimham Rocks is like one, 50-60 acre, rocky playground.

We stopped off here on the way home for a few hours but could quite easily have taken a picnic and spent the entire day exploring, climbing and finding all the named features.

Some of the features have been given nicknames because of the way they look....

What do you see here?  A dancing bear or a begging dog??

How about this one?  Is it the Druids Writing Desk?  or is it ET as it has become more recently titled?

I love this one, it's called Idol Rock. At 15ft high and weighing over 200 tons it defy's the law of gravity.... how.  The little rock at the bottom is just 1ft in circumference

There are numerous other names rock formations to find and even with a map we didn't see them all as there are loads of routes and whenever you clamour over or through a rock you find yourself somewhere completely different.

We were shocked at how high some very small children were climbing and how some appeared parent less.  We kept an eye on the boys all the time, as you never know how far the drop will be on the other side of a rock.  But you need to have a good climb if you find the accessible ones as the views over Nidderdale are just amazing.

But being boys they also had to find the most inaccessible locations

If you can't make it for yourself just yet there's a great video on the National Trust YouTube site with a quick tour and some more information.

We can't wait to go back next summer.

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For the sceptics - this is not a sponsored post, just a place we visited, loved and wanted to tell you about

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