Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Moving House: Empty Box Idea: Ice box

I'm always one for wanting to try something out before I tell you about it, which is why this post has been sat in my drafts for a while.  However I think I'm going to have to admit defeat - the kids have gone back to school (well will have by the end of the week), I won't have a day off with my husband now until October and the sun seems to be intermittant.... I don't think we'll be having a BBQ any time soon (maybe next year).

Nevertheless, if you happen to be living on a nice sunny beach you'll appreciate this, it forms part of my "what to do with the boxes after a house move" series.

Big Yellow self storage have a great idea for an ice bucket - watch the below vine to see their suggestion.

Have a great BBQ, and please do share if you decide to try this out.

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