Saturday, 4 October 2014

300 picture book challenge - September Update


We are still plowing through The Enchanted Wood trilogy, book 3 now.  With school starting again I must get back into the habit of school books and bedtime books again after we let ourselves down massively over the Summer.

122 days left in 2014 and 81 books to read.  We CAN do this.

  • The Folk of The Faraway Tree - 59 -76 (book 3 in trilogy)
  • Fat Cat
  • Christmas in Puddle Lane
  • Mr Bounce
A little bit of a cheat coming up.  We have the Walker Bedtime Book.  which is fantatsic as it has loads of the best ever Walker books in one cover.  Sneeky kids tho ... it means they have more than 1 'book' a night becuase to me reading a couple of pages doesn't feel like a full picture book.  This is only a handful of the stories in it we have sooo many more still to read.   So technically in 1 night we read:
  • This is the Bear
  • Daisy Dare
  • Five Minutes Peace
  • tell us a story
  • Owl Babies
  • Ten in The Bed
  • Parrot Cat
  • We're the noisy dinosaurs
  • The last Noo-Noo
  • My mum and dad make me laugh
  • Something's coming!
That makes it 32 this month  (I am counting 1 chapter as equivalent to 1 book) - very happy.

Total: 251/300

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