Wednesday 29 October 2014

The Thread of Life. Project & Exhibition

While on Twitter the other day I came across a lovely project by a local resident artist Sharon Mossbeck that I thought others would love to know about (especially my friends new and old in the )..
MSE Cross Stitch Cafe

The project is based on the mythological Greek figures of the Fates, or Moirai and called "The thread of Life" and is in 2 parts.

Part 1:
Sharon is designing a cross-stitch pattern based on a strand of DNA and is asking stitchers to interpret this in any way they choose, whether it be picking their own colours,  materials and embellishments or  by adapting the pattern (within reason).   The idea being that every piece of work is as unique as an individuals own DNA. She is then asking to collect them all together before exhibiting them in Bank Street Arts Gallery in Sheffield where she is currently a resident artist, Sharon would love to travel with this project so if you are aware of anywhere please do get in touch

Part 2
For the second part of this project Sharon is aiming to develop a pattern to make the large scale cross-stitch.  She has done this previously in the style of a labyrinth, in which loose threads hang down the front of the piece. For this she will suspended the stitched pieces from the ceiling, with long strands of thread hanging down to the floor. These threads would create a barrier, or screen, which viewers can walk inside of by means of an opening. Inside the wall of threads, viewers can look up to see a cross-stitched interior. The cross-stitch pattern would relate to the Moirai and probably take on an allegorical theme.

Sharon wants to reach out across the UK for help with this project by running workshops for free (or at least a minimal charge) and providing materials (if required) to encourage people to learn how to cross stitch or think about it in an artistic context giving confidence when they see their pieces displayed in an exhibition.

If you can contribute in any way or want to take part please take a look at her website or email Sharon.

I've loved being involved with Cross Stitch projects in the past and with her permission I will be linking the pattern up to my site (just as soon as it is ready) and blogging about my progress and I would love for you to link up if you choose to become involved.

The more people who can act as a distribution point for local stitching groups the less fundraising costs will need to be used for postage so if you know of any groups please also make yourself known.

UPDATE: 8/2//15 - I've made a start in my version on the design and will be sharing this with you soon.  If you'd like to do your own version you can download the chart here.  I'd love to see others variations.

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