Monday 13 October 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Party Supplies

Mummy...... can I have a party??

Those words every mummy/ daddy/ carer dreads hearing, and yet every year without fail (normally 6 months before their birthday) those words are uttered.  Depending on what sort of person you are you either go into a mad panic mode, or you book the tortuorous soft play party or, like me, you simply say "maybe, we'll discuss it nearer the time" (hoping they may have forgotton/ lowered their expectations) ........ until 2 months before their birthday when they again ask and you think "ohh pants, I guess I'd better get this party planning hat on then".

Last year I took the easy option, the fail safe option and booked a party at Pizza Hut for Ben and some friends.  Ouch that was an epic fail in itself.  From the 5year olds that "don't eat Pizza" (seriously!!) to the lack of planning and from the place itself..... but I won't go into that - you can read all about it here

A year was spent where most weekends we were at one party or another, it was so much fun (for the kids)... not quite as enjyable for the parents who had to endure soft play hell or the party hall of doom.... 30 screaming hyperactive kids ... no thank you.  
     Then you had the element of "who can outdo who"..... one had a bouncy castle ... so the next had a ball pool and a bouncy castle.  
      One did the party games all by themselves (very brave).... anther hired Elsa from Frozen to run the show for them.   
      There were facepainters, dj's, The Hulk, foam pies in faces, balloons.... balloons and oh did I mentin balloons?  
      There were the parents who provided a nice slow cooker curry (YUCK) for the parents while their kids ate semi-stale sandwiches and those whose family own the local Chinese (YUCK) takeaway and provided a complete buffet for the grown ups (while kids ate cold nuggets and smily faces) .... and then you have the parents who thought they were feeding the entire school and were probably eating cold party food for weeks to follow (my personal favourite -I think I ate my weight in strawberries at that one).

What I found was lacking from them all tho was a theme.  I must admit I am a little theme obsessed, perhaps it comes from being an ex-primary school teacher, I miss topic work. I miss making things to a theme and making displays.
  So when Ben declared he wanted a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle party this year my initial reaction was ... Seriously!! (I didn't even know he'd ever watched it.... let alone could name all of them!) then I turned to "OK OK we can do this" ..... closly followed by "Help me Pinterest".

Then came my second treasure hunt .... I needed to Cowabunga up this party.  I had told Ben he could invite 4 friends + him and his brother so customisng the scene was going to be costly but not extortionate (assuming I could get plates and cups in sets of 6's or more) .... fortunatly I stumbled upon Kids Party Shop.  I really love companies who spend time talking to their followers and for me a company who has an active social media presence is one who will (in my experience) deliver great customer service, plus they have a great selecton of party items meaning I could get everything I needed in one place.  Even better the party disposables are in packs of 8 so should little brothers or sisters come along with the party guests they can have a themed item too.

Here's what we got....

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Party Pack For 8 which includes 8 x Plates, 8 x Cups, 20 x Napkins £10.02  £8.99)
and 1 x Tablecover.  ( These are a really great quality and look great.  The table cover is a fab size 120cm x 180cm (48ins x 72ins) which is perfect for the party food table.

Strangely the party bags are only sold in packs of 6, but fortunately this was enough for me.  Again they are a good size and feel strong. (£1.29)

There are 3 different types of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle banners on Kids Party Shop website and Ben selected the 4.5m Foil Banner one  (£2.25)

Bored of normal candles I loved the TMNT ones that Kids Party Shop do, all 4 turtles for £1.99.  I also managed to get as number 6 for 49p (bargain!)


The benefit of only having a handful of kids over is that they can play with Bens toys for a while in his room, however no party would be completed without some party games.

I picked up the Turtle 'Pin the Mask' game for £2.49.   In the set you get one large game sheet poster  (95cm x 62cm), 1 Mask and 12 Stickers.  

I even succeeded in picking up some little extras:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Confetti - Pack of 3 (£2.49).  These are going to look so pretty sprinkled on the table.  

And the epicentre of every party ....... Balloons.... a pack of 12 for £3.99.  

I for one hate paying delivery costs but found Kids Party Shop very reasonable.   They have a prompt turn around time guaranteeing to dispatch within 1-2 working days of receipt (solong as in stock).  generally, if ordered before 1pm Monday - Friday the order will be dispatched the same day or the next working day.   There are no despatches or deliveries on a Saturday, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

I remember the problems my mum had when I was little when 'secret' parcels had to be ordered to my neighbours house so we wouldn't know, and a couple of years ago when I ordered the boys some huge outdoor toys and had to rush them next door for my lovely neighbours to hide until Christmas..... well unlike some companies Kids Party Shop understand this and are happy to leave parcels with a neighbour if advised on checkout). 

Standard Delivery starts from £3.99 with free delivery if you spend over £40.  It can take up to 5 days for a parcel to arrive so they offer a Next Day service which starts at £7.50  for last minute items.

Kids Party Shop had remembered that I had commented on one of their craft posts and sent us a TMNT craft activity, we've not done it yet but once it's ready I'll be sure to let you know.

Keep your eyes peeled at the weekend for what all these lovely goodies look like when they are laid out, full up or being played with children.

It's not just TMNT parties that Kids Party Shop specialise in but all little boy and girls dreams: Angry Birds, Barbie, Batman, Charlie and Lola, Football teams, Dinosaurs, Fireman Sam, Frozen..... you name it they probably have it.   They also cater for generic parties.

Disclaimer:  I would have ordered anyway but Kids Party Shop kindly gave me 10% off my order and a free party pack  and craft activity which was lovely of them and enabled me to buy a few extra treats..


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