Friday, 31 October 2014

Flashback Friday - The Spooks of Bottle Bay

The Spooks of Bottle Bay was shown on CITV between 1993 and 1995.  It was created by Ian Allen.

The show features Sidney Sludge and his horrible brother and sister Sybil and Cedric Sludge, as well as his faithful dog Maxwell.   At nighttime the Bottle Bay Spooks come out to tease poor Sid.

There are a number of Spooks who live in the Bay who put on their sheets and come to life, the main ones being Sally, Fred and Baby Spook.

'Human' Characters

Sidney Sludge - The lead character of the series. Sid is good-natured and honest, but sometimes slow-witted.   He loves his loyal blue bulldog Maxwell.

Sybil and Cedric Sludge - The green skinned, flame haired sister of Sidney.   Sybil spends her time plotting thefts, and also trying to defeat the Spooks in the later episodes. The Spooks, however, always managed to outwit her, no matter how clever her plans were.


Other Bottle Bay residents include:  Ted and Lily Turine, Iris, Madge,  Gran, Joe (and his parrot 'Bananas'), Duchess of Dingledale, Bella Butler and Brenda Drain.

The Spooks are:

Sally Spook and Fred Spook- Are the leaders of the Spooks of Bottle Bay and mother to Baby Spook.


Other Spooky residents include: Tommy, Betty Bat,  Lucy Spook,  Nancy Spook, Daphy,  Damask the Highwayman, Bed Bug Willy Spook, School Master spook and Captain Patch.

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