Friday 24 October 2014

Groupon Goods - if fulfilled by "Delux Homebrands"avoid.

You've probably read my tweets about how my omelette maker has become non-stick so guess how excited I was for it a Groupon goods to appear so I could order a new one for £15.98 (with free delivery.

The fine print said to allow up to 7 working days for delivery, so you would expect (having ordered on the 10th October) that I would be able to tell you all how fantastic it was.

Sadly not.

When I chased it up with Groupon on the 22nd I was told
"Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry to hear that you haven't received your order.
I have now escalated your order details to our Global Goods team, with a request that they check on the status of your delivery. Their main priority is to dispatch the item, so if there are no problems with the process you should receive your item shortly. Alternatively, we'll contact you directly to inform you of the status of your package. Please allow a minimum of 10 working days for us to process the order."

ANOTHER 10 day wait.  Thankfully the Twitter team are a little more on the ball and followed it up....

"Further to your comments on Twitter, the supplier has changed systems recently so they have been unable to upload tracking details on our system. However they are currently working through all the orders to add tracking but this may take some time. This system change, unfortunately has also caused a delay for this deal, and we are sincerely sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Your order details have now been passed onto the supplier, therefore you may still receive a response before 10 working days."

And that they had put a £5 goodwill voucher on my account.

You can imagine how glad I was that evening to see the tracking status had indeed been updated with a Yodel tracking number.

And how disappointed I was to log in today (24 hours later) ......... to find Yodel hadn't even picked it up from the supplier yet.

I am going to hazard a guess that neither Yodel or the useless supplier work weekends so won't be holding my breath for a prompt delivery.

Whilst I appreciate it's not Groupon's fault Delux Homebrands don't seem to be making any effort to apologise to anyone.  My advice to the other 356 people who took up the deal is to raise similar complaints ....... perhaps this shoddy business will then realise that customers are pretty important.... after all they seem to appear on Groupon quite a lot.

I shall update you if my goods ever arrive.  Safe to say if they are not here in the next 10 days I shall be seeking a full refund.

Have you been affected? please let me know.

UPDATE:  29th October - YAY it's finally arrived.  Better very late then never I suppose.   Not very impressed to be honest it's flimsy, half the size of my old one and the top doesn't even lock into the bottom.
Will review it when I've used it.


  1. What a faff on....I wouldn't be happy either!

  2. I saw those . Glad i decided not to bother . Hope it's better than it looks for you.