Saturday, 1 November 2014

300 Picture Book Challenge


The aim of this challenge is to read 300 picture books with my boys in 2014.  Although Ben is now 5 and likes slightly longer books so some of them may be thrown in too.

We must have 300 easily in our collection so this will be a great way of seeing what they do and don't enjoy (personally I Loved Puddle Lane and Julia Donaldson..... but do they?)
I'm not counting unique books but any book, so you may see favourites appearing more than one.

Check out our Pinterest Board and follow our progress below.

When you work it out thats 25 books a month, easily doable.... right.

January Progress - 25/ 300 :)  - check out what we read here
February Progress - 66/ 300  - check out what we read here
March Progress - 97/300 :) - way over target - what did we read... look here.
April - total: 117/300 - I was a really naughty mummy this month - see why here
May - 149/300 :)  - a FARR more respectable month - here's our list.
June - now up to 183/300 - really on track.  here's what we read.
July - a bad month - only reached 206/300.
August - a busy month... just not where books were concerned.  Only made it to 219/300
September - a really good month ... back on track 251/300
October - we loved George's Marvellous Medicine this month - 274/ 300


Ben is desperate to start The Wishing Chair ...... I am not, I love it but not 'feeling it' right now. I want to read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!   

61 days left in 2014 and 26 books to read.  An easy challenge now... especially when I am planning on us taking part in the 24 books of Christmas too.


  1. Oh we do love Thomas here, too! That Castles book looks good.

    1. The Usborne Young Readers are brilliant, there's a huge collection of them. We've got a Weather one too (which I must find).

  2. Superted!! What a lovely selection of varied books. Thank-you for linking up to #300PBs :-)

  3. I like your book ort readers but l have some issues please send me worksheet to your book. Stage4 house for sale and stage 1 six in a bed. Thank you

  4. Arfad Hassan good book for kids best of luck all.