Sunday, 23 November 2014

Christmas Planning - Week 13: Dining Room

4 weeks left.... where has the time gone?  

This week has been a bit quieter on the Christmas front, mainly because I had an interview (didn't get the job.... pfft ... their loss - wasn't my dream job so not all that bothered.).  

Still got 2 pressies to get and about to get an Albelli voucher to make my grandparents their photobook.... that's this afternoons job so I can get it ordered.  I did make one in Photobox but it was expensive and rubbish compared to this type.  

We have at least decided on Morrisons for our Christmas crockery and I'm going to make sure it is packed away safely so it can come out year on year and become traditional.   (post to follow soon)

Tree is due to go up next weekend and at the moment I still cannot get in the cellar to get to any of the decorations and stuff so that's on the list for this week.  

I also really want to get the playroom finished so we can use it as storage over December. It still needs prepping, papering and painting. 
This weeks Organised Christmas planning suggests I focus on the dining room.... well they're not wrong there it is a mess!!!  Not least of all because we are waiting for our new tumble dryer to be delivered (just what you need to break in the middle of November isn't it!!)  

- Clean the window and windowsill
- Empty all drawers, shelving etc.   Put back - or put in other places if they don't belong there.
 - Declutter! (bin? charity? some where else? storage?)
 - Remove all furniture, and clean the floors and baseboards.
 - Dust/ clean furniture    

To-Do list update.
1) complete Christmas card list - yes I know, so easy but I've still not done it.
2) sort out the living room - must shift/ sort out the Lego .... I started ... well ok I did 2 small models  Lego is now upstairs and the room is getting there.  I must remove all the paper bits that get dumped around and prepare to switch the books over to winter themed.
3) make up the Christmas cards .... do I need any more?
4) decide on/ start the kids Christmas cards - started :) ordered
5) get a couple of box of chocs and some snacks in ready.  - now have 2 tubs and a few bags.  Moving to 'shopping list'
6) start meal planning and plan Christmas Day meal - start a list of food to buy and when to buy it. 
7) sort out the Christmas crockery/ table covers etc - started
8) Toys in the Argos sale.Unfortunately most of Argos stuff my boys like is now home delivery only and they let us down this way a couple of years ago not delivering a Christmas present then telling me lies and making it a horrible experience.
9) tidy/ sort my room - started done (for now)
10) take a look at last years wooden advent calendar. I'd like to do 'something' to it but at the moment I don't know what.  Perhaps I'll do 'it' over the Christmas season ready for next year.
11) Medicines Moving to 'shopping list' 
12) First Aid Moving to 'shopping list'
13) Get new Christmas Towels Moving to 'shopping list'
14) get rid of old toys/ books.   Now under number 18
15) Start planning the Christmas gifts for boys. - started all planned and most bought.
16) Look at what clothes are in Ben's 'bigger' box and what they are outgrowing.   Now under number 18
17) check smoke detectors - hubby's job as I can't reach them easily.  Safe to say they don't work, hubby needs to fix them!!
18) Kids room tidy  (from week 6)         
               Shelves/ cupboards - examine, toss/save/donate, replace onto shelves        
               Games/ Puzzles - sort them out and bin any with missing pieces.         
               Get rid of old magazines, old McDonald toys, toys in pieces, broken crayons, non-functional pens.         
               Clothing - too small, old?         
               Wash curtains - yay I did this.        
               Clean/ tidy under the bed   - tick - moved the furniture so had to.         
               Clean the windows,  dust any wooden furniture.         
              Clean the floors/ hoover - tick, when we moved the furniture.
 19) Kitchen         
              Clean and tidy the wall units, then the bottom cabinets then the counters.         
              Check any open boxes of food/ storage for bugs        
              Wipe down empty shelves        
              Check medicines for expiry dates        
              Clean all appliances inside and out (refrigerator, dishwasher, microwave, toaster, hob, oven)               Sink - don't forget to send cleaner down the u-bend.
20) make place cards  

We are pretty prepared for Christmas present wise now... just a few bits to get....   
Christmas shopping list

1) Kids - Tablet...each/ between them?  On the lookout for a good deal if anyone sees one.    I think we've settled on the Lexibook.between them for now.
2) Kids - Santa bath bombs (x32) from Lush - Christmas Eve Hamper and 1 each for stockings. I managed to find a TMNT bath fizzer in Tesco for Christmas Eve.
3) 2 x Olaf T-shirts (I've given up on Primark getting them in a suitable size so now looking elsewhere)Found in Primark - £5 each with long sleeves.
4) some more jelly sweetsbought a tub of swizzles.
5) hubby's presents ... whatever they end up being.  one down, just need to find a gold chain to replace the one he's had for years that broke.
6) A waffle maker (on Grandad's behalf for the kids)done.
7) Lush - build your own snowman, for my niece.  (soo cool).  found a hottie I bought earlier in year I forgot about..
8) wrapping paper - I have some but need to get the ones for the kids.
9) Medicine stash
10) First Aid stash
11) New Christmas Towels
12) Christmas crockery - started
13) foil trays and plastic tupperware for leftovers.

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