Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas bags from ...... B&M Stores

I love the giant Santa Sack I got from Izabela Peters but now the boxes of pressies are overflowing and I'm running out of room to hide them, lets face it those supermarket bags aren't exactly discreat are they?

I can't bring myself to wrap them up yet... that's got to be saved for December with chocolates and vodka.  So i thought what better way to hide them then right under their noses, in Santa sacks in my room in full view .... with penelty of death if they even considered ratching through them.

Now the Izabela Peters one is currently full of the advent books (more on that in another post) and as gorgeous as it is the bank manager wouldn't let me buy another couple so I nipped into my local B&M Stores to see what they had.

I came out with these lovely slogan sacks.  They are larger then the other at (80cm x 50cm) and made of soft felt.   They also come with a plain drawstring.

I've had felt sacks before where the letters have been peeling off before I even get them home, however these seem really well fixed and durable to live out the life of the sack.

Although they feel quite thick I will be surprised if I can store them until next year as my history with this style is they rip really easily when carried with weight in (which we do a lot as the kids re-fill them with opened presents.)

However at just 99p each I really can't grumble if they only see one year.

There are 6 designs to collect in the set

How do you store your purchases from prying eyes?

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