Friday, 14 November 2014

Mince and Chips

It sounds a strange combination doesn't it, but when you have a fussy 6yr old when it comes to meat you will try anything to get them to eat cheaper meals.

Once he'd turned his nose up at it and I explained it was just broken up beefbuger and he'd worked out that by squishing it together he could make meatballs he soon ate it up.

Here's my recipe for quick n easy mince and chips.

1) Put some chips in the oven (if using a fryer then cook when appropriate)
2) Brown some mince. then drain off any fat.

3) Make up a sachet of Colmans Spaghetti Bolognaise mix with 150ml of cold water.  Add to the mince
4) Add some tomato puree
5) Cook, stirring frequently to avoid burning.

6) Place chips on plate/ in bowl  Put mince on the top.
7) Sprinkle grated cheese over the dish.
8) Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. That is a strange combination but I bet it taste delicious! It looks it x