Monday, 10 November 2014

Yankee Candle Advent Calendar

With Christmas fast approaching (44 days and counting) I've decided to start telling you about some of my purchases, these are things I have chosen to buy as opposed to sponsored posts.  My first is something I have been eager to get.... the Yankee Candle Advent Calendar.

I am a HUGE candle fan but only get Yankee ones on special occasions as I just cannot justify their prices, from the moment I saw this one tho I knew I had to get it.  Again tho the £21.99 price tag put me off a little (don't be sucked in by those selling for £25 or £49.99) until I did the maths and it worked out at less then £1 a candle (tealight) and when you think that day 24 holds a secret extra treat  (hint:  there are really 25 tealights) it's actually a good buy.
THEN I got handed an early Christmas Treat ... a 25% off voucher for Clinton Cards taking it down to a bargain £16.50!!!  You have never seen me run to a shop after work any quicker in my life.  Not only did I get great service but the bag they put it in was shiny and thick and really made me feel like a New York'er on a Christmas Shopping Spree.

Now onto the actual calender, obviously I cannot tell you as much as I would like as it's not yet the 1st December so I'm not allowed to open it yet (I will update you when I do get to experience it).  Ben (my oldest) has also developed my candle obsession as he walked around the house cuddling (and dropping eek) it wanting me to open it ASAP.

Yankee tea-lights themselves burn for 4-6 hours which is the perfect amount of time to fill the room with their strong scents.  The advent calender promises the smells Christmas is made from:

Icicles features one of my favourite scents, cinnamon, combined with pine branches.   We never have a real Christmas Tree so I am hoping this will give me that amazing smell you only get with real pine trees.

Angel's Wings promises a very sweet smell of  sugar, flower petals and vanilla.

Snowflake Cookie is a new member of the Yankee fragrances.  It should replicate the smell of cookies, with a pink colour to depict pink icing.

Cranberry Ice I was a little concerned about, I'm not a huge fan of Cranberries.  However the candle is a mixture of red fruits with a tangy sweetness.

Christmas Cookie seems at first look to be identical to the snowflake cookie but with vanilla notes.

Christmas Garland has cranberry notes with my other seasonal favourite fresh-cut pine boughs.

I'll be letting you know how I get on but from the amazing smell coming from it already, when it is still in it's plastic wrap, I can't wait.

Have you bought any of the Yankee Christmas fragrances?  Which is your favourite?


  1. Oh I would love this too, but my husband always moans about scented anything. I love the Yankee candle 'Christmas Eve' and baby powder too. I am really jealous and can't wait to read how you get on with it.

  2. you'll have to look out for another offer - will let you know if I see any.