Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Our first visit from the toothfairy

It was a very big day in our house today, Ben's tooth that's been wobbly for the last 4 months (seriously I'm not kidding!!) eventually fell out today .... well Ben pulled it out but still........

Now the trouble is Ben has a cabin bed .... these things are HUGE.  Mummy cannot reach over the side of it let alone root around under a pillow for a tooth. Fortunately Ben is a wriggle in bed so I was able to persuade him to leave the tooth in a tub on the table in his room   But uh oh how will the tooth fairy know it's there?  we don't want her looking under the pillow and giving up do we?   Tada mummy found special fairy note paper and Ben wrote her a letter.
   This is another achievement in itself - he hates writing anything and kicks off if you ask him to write his name on a card.

So here it is.............

To toothfairy
Becauese I wiggl so much I have put the tooth next to the dbed.
Low (Love) from
Ben x

Because this was his first tooth he got £2, tho I think this may go down to £1 for subsequent ones ..... what's the going rate for the toothfairy in your house?

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