Friday, 21 November 2014

Christmas Sweets

It's so almost here..... 33 days!!!!  I don't know about you but from the day the tree goes up (next Saturday for us) the goodies come out.   And what a selection of goodies I've got in the house this year... so many in fact the treat box is overflowing and the lid no longer fits!!

I'll be showing you my choice of nibbles later on but this post is all about the sweets!  We love a good selection of sweets to nibble over December and nothing says Christmas more then .... Selection tubs.

These are generally priced around £5 at the moment (I'm sure I read  somewhere the RRP is £11!!) but the size is getting smaller every year.  They were around 1kg in weight in 2011 and now they are only about 700g (yet the same price on average).

But we still buy them :)  and this year we have 3.  None of us are fans of Roses or Quality Street (I only like Strawberry and Orange ones) so the first in this years selection is:

Celebrations (750g)

Made by Mars there are mini versions of some of our favourites in here: Galaxy and Galaxy caramel,
Bounty, Mars, Milky Way and Twix.  The Malteasers are always the first to go whilst Snickers normally get thrown away as we don't like nuts (and the kids can't have them).  If I could suggest a change it would be to put some dark chocolate bounty's in... yum.

Heroes (760g)

This is Cadbury's offering and features miniture versions of Dairy Milk and Dairy Milk Caramel, Twirl, Fudge and Toblerone.  Again we have our favourites, Creme Egg is mine and we have the ones that get left until least (Chocolate eclairs).
   Would love to see the eclairs replaced, perhaps by Crunchie or Bournville,

Squashies  (720g)

This is a new one on us this year but being huge Swizzels fans was a must.  Disappointingly it only contains Refreshers and Drumstick squashies so I'll be off to stock up on all the other flavours to give
the entire squashie experience.  Unlike Heroes and Celebrations this tub has approx 36 mini bags of sweets ..... this isn't a problem tho - we simply empty them all into the tub :)
  Please Swizzels - next year give the whole squashie experience.

The sweetie eaters out of you will notice I've not bought a Haribo selection this year.  This is for a very good reason - they aren't Christmas ones.  Yes ok nor are the others but when you can actually buy Haribo Merry Snowmen, Sparkly Stars and Jolly Santas (currently 100g for 50p in Morrison) and with normal packs of around 16g for less then £1 it's as cheap to make your own selection tub.

Sparkly Stars are fizzy fruit flavour gummy sweets with a lovely sugary coating (think fangtastics).
Merry Snowmen are foam gums with a fruit flavour (think crocodiles)
Jolly Santas are your traditional fruit gums (think Goldbears)

Then there are the sweets I picked up just becuase I could to remind me of childhood Christmas' :)

Hannah's White Mice
Rowntree's jelly Tots
Terry's Popping Candy Chocolate Orange Segments (ok so popping candy ones weren't about 20 years ago but they are a family favourite).


We always had animal biscuits as a child and I am so please that this year Cadbury have put a twist on this and released Santa's Arctic Friends with Santa. snowman and reindeer biscuits half covered in chocolate.

Last but not least (because I am sure I will buy more lol) are our advent calenders.  yes I have the Yankee Candle one (eeek can't wait) but we have to also have the traditional chocolate ones.
This year they came from Poundland.  Ben opted for Spiderman, Noah for the 'everyone calender' (Marvel) and mummy managed to get her hands on a frozen one.  I guess I outta get daddy one at some point :)


Do you go mad for sweet treats at Christmas?  What's top of your list?

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