Tuesday 1 April 2014

300 picture book challenge - March Update


 March seems to have just flown.... we hardly read a thing ...... so, in no particular order, 

Puddle Lane: Old Mr Gotobed
Puddle Lane: The Gruffle in Puddle Lane
Puddle Lane: The Sandlewood Girl
Thomas the Tank engine: Thomas and the Circus

Puddle Lane: Tom Cat and The Wideawake Mice
Puddle Lane: The Fox and The Magician

Letterland Annual

The Lion King  (2 different versions)

The Enormous Turnip

Bangers and Mash: Eggs
Walking Through the Jungle
Postman Pat: Paints the ceiling


Zoe and Beans: Ladybird  (twice)
Zoe and Beans: We're not scared

Topsy and Tim: Go to the zoo
Topsy and Tim: Go to London
Topsy and Tim:: At the farm


Winnie The Pooh, chapter 1
Bills New Frock, chapter 1.


Bonus: 10 school books (details to follow when I unearth bens log from his book bag)

total:  97/300

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