Sunday, 20 April 2014

Easter Egg Hunting

I thought it may be nice this year for the boys to have an Easter Egg hunt.  so after scouring website after website and not finding quite what I wanted, either too challenging or too easy or too American I made my own.

I used some clipart eggs and a text box to write the clues.....


Then I cut them out and attached them to sandwich bags with a couple of tiny chocolate eggs in each.

There were 14 clues in all, leading the children into the kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, bathroom and even outside as they solved the clues to find the next one.  Noah didn't really get much of a look in as Ben took charge but he still enjoyed it (once we tore him away from Lego to join in).

There was however major disappointment on the last clue (which lead them to Daddy's wardrobe) as they couldn't find the eggs (can you spot them?).   Apparently they wanted wonder mummy to have made an endless trail of clues!   Even now they are telling me to do some more!

Then there was an argument from Ben that the Marvel one wasn't his egg, as he kept looking, and that his was Spiderman (that daddy bought and gave them a month ago).  Took a while for it to sink in that he had a new one.

Big eggs now demolished tho and having to stop them munching through everything else before lunch time.

Happy Easter ... did you go hunting this morning?


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