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How to be a bad mummy - part 2c - feed them the wrong lunches

Following on from my posts on the worst Breakfasts to feed your children and the worst dinners they can eat.... the woman has done a 3rd one to turn me into a failure.... the 10 worst lunches......

lets take a look and see just what a bad mummy I am this week.   You will notice many of them have been covered in my earlier posts (pfft she couldn't even think up 10 NEW ones for us to fail at.  Therefore, for the purpose of this post, a 'lunch' is a quick meal (served at around mid-day for us) rather than a sit down family / after school evening meal.

So here's the original post.... lets sum it up.....

1) Cheese on Toast
    The boys don't tend to eat Cheese on toast at all as they aren't keen on melted cheese.   Lets look back at WHY she didn't like it . "white bread with processed cheese slices" is the worst .  Ok so I did slightly admit to using processed cheese slices a very very long time ago.  As far as lunch goes tho it's not something I would generally serve up (processed or normal cheese).
     The kids do however love cheese sandwiches for lunch (with cheese off a block) so I guess that is just as bad as melting it.
Bad Mummy rating 3/10

2) Toaster Pastries
    As I said in my breakfast round up I have never touched one of these, nor have my boys.  My mummy wouldn't let me, she sad it would burn my tongue and refused to buy them.... and you can't miss what you've never had.  WHY anyone would serve them for lunch ....
Bad mummy rating 0/10

3) Pizza
       We loveeeee Pizza.  When we have it it tends to be for a main meal but yes, if there is leftover pizza in the fridge (which is rare as it's normally all gone the night before or for breakfast) then yes I will let the kids eat it for lunch.
Bad mummy rating 5/10

4) Snack Foods - crisps, sweets, sugary drinks.
        Ben has to take a healthy lunch to school - no junk foods. .... this doesn't quite stretch to his home life tho.  I ate crisps and I am not an (overly) overweight unhealthy adult.
   She does offer suggestion like apples, fruit juice (100%) and granola bars ..... oh but be careful "because many varieties have the same sugar and calorie count as candy bars"
      I don't ban crisps at lunch time out of school but the kids only get them a) on picnics or b) once they have eaten all their sandwich.  They have maybe 1 packet of crisps 4 times a week (maximum).  Which I don't think is too bad.
    Sweets aren't eaten at lunch time but they do eat them.  Again not ALL the time maybe 4 times a week.
    They drink fruit juice (love it) but it's probably not 100% (as we only buy the cheapest ones).   Fizzy pop is saved for special occasions or sometimes they have diet lemonade to make fizzy orange.
Bad mummy rating 8/10

5) Hot Dogs
    I commented on the dinner post that hot dogs another staple food in this house, hot dogs with noodles, hot dog sandwiches, hot dogs with chips (or other potato products) ... yup even been known to have hot dogs on pizza.  but NO, they are bad!   ahh they are bad due to the "nitrate preservatives" that is in processed meat ..... lucky for me processed meat that also has these preservatives in is bad later on in the list and we don't tend to give the boys hotdogs at lunch time but rather for main meals.  (in case you wonder why the score is different)
Bad mummy rating - 2/10

6) Chips
     We do eat chips (more on daddy days then mummy I have to admit .... now who's the bad parent **smug**)  but not at lunch time (unless we are out and it's a special meal).  I absolutely love the fact that apparently in America (and it can only be in America) some schools justify serving chips to kids as technically potatoes are a vegetable.  At least in the UK the schools just say "sod it let kids be kids and have chips once a week".
Bad mummy rating 1/10

7) Kraft Dinner (basically packet pasta)

I  can't think of anything worse (but yes we have tried it) and both kids and me spat it out.  Pasta is soo easy to cook there is no need to buy dried pasta mix.
Bad mummy rating 0/10

8) Chicken fingers
      We don't eat chicken fingers at all (chicken in breadcrumbs) because, well to be honest I just never think about them when doing the shopping trip.  Even if we did I certainly wouldn't do just them for a lunch - not filling at all.
Bad mummy rating 0/10

9) Fast Food
   As referred to in 'dinners' her alternative "a slow cooker meal" ..... yup but doesn't quite have the same kick to it as a pizza or kfc does it.   Again we only have it once a week or every couple of weeks.  With the exception of leftover pizza (above) we don't have McDonald's, burger king or KFC more than once every 2 or 3 months for a dinner.  They tend to be saved for occasions when we are on a day out.
    Greggs is our (ok mainly my husbands) downfall and whilst she doesn't refer to this as being 'bad' in her list I have to be honest and put is as fast food.  He will happily buy the kids a 'greggs dummy' (aka a sausage roll) on the rare occasions he takes them shopping.... again this isn't every week and is a lot less now then before Ben started school.
Bad mummy rating 5/10

10) Luncheon Meats
         "Bologna, smoked ham, and even roast beef are a kids’ lunchbox staple. However, if your child eats a sliced meat sandwich every day, you may be packing them a very dangerous and toxic food".  
Seriously!!!!!!  We think nothing of packing Ben a ham sandwich in his lunchbox... this week they even have 'billy bear' ham as they are going on a teddy bears picnic.  But apparently luncheon meats are as bad as hot dogs they "contain nitrates, a preservative used in food processing that drastically increases the risk of heart disease and cancer" ........... woooops.....cheese sandwiches it is ............oh no wait.... that's bad too......
Bad mummy rating 10/10

Total bad mummy rating: 34..... not bad!!

How did you do??

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