Monday 21 April 2014

Please don't send 'found' teddies (bunnies, cats, dogs, goldfish) to North Carolina.


If you are fans of Teddy Bear Lost and Found or the regional Lostbox pages I help to manage on facebook/ twitter you may have seen the heartache felt last night when it came to light that a scammer was hitting the victims of Lost Bears and claiming them as her own.

The owner of Teddy Bear lost and Found posted "We have a problem on our hands I hadn't anticipated. Someone who had been spamming our pinterest wall saying multiple found teddies were hers, who I blocked as prankster, has now started contacting people who have listed found teddies and has even made a lost listing that mirrored that of a found teddy"

screen shots from Teddy Bear Lost and Found of Pinterest Fraud

She has posted details of the girl (and we are pretty sure it's a girl - or a mum using her daughters account) in North Carolina onto the Teddy Bear Lost and Found Site and given her makayla.thompson/ layla cruse 24 hours to return the stolen toy rabbit before handing her address and screen shots/ evidence of fraud over to the police/ facebook/ pinterest to take appropriate action.

For one family this scammer has gone too far.... on a similar page called "Find Mr Rabbit"  A kind gentleman found a toy rabbit, he tracked down the owners via Teddy Bear Lost and Found and gave it back to them.  He was then contacted by Makayla who fed him a sob story and somehow (tho how?) he got the bunny back and posted it out to her in America.  Who knows if the original family were the rightful owners (if they were surly they wouldn't have handed it back??)

I know the pain a child goes through when they loose a teddy - Noah's little bear has never come home, I am pretty sure some child will be loving him in Nottingham and could never take it back off them now, however it could equally have been sold on (they can make quite a bit)

This girl/ woman is stealing them out of spite??  Why WHY WHY??

If you are contacted by anyone I would always suggest you ask THEM to pay the postage costs before sending.  This may seem harsh but at least it would sort the genuine people from the thief's.

Please share this (or the original post) to warn other people.  Lets get this viral and shame the scammer into holding up her hands and handing back bunny and anything else she may have stolen.