Monday, 7 April 2014

Easter + 2 small children = mess .... lots and lots of mess

It's Ben's first Easter at school and like most parents in the country (I'm assuming) we were set some challenges for this week.  Now when you work Monday to Thursday and have a husband whose idea of a
messy house is leaving 1 sock on the floor (even then it causes a meltdown) it fell to mummy to raise to the challenge.   But of course, Noah couldn't sit by while his brother had all the fun so double the kids meant .... double the mess .....

So Sunday was earmarked for art attack afternoon ..........

Challenge 1 - Easter Bonnets

This involved a trip to Poundland for chicks, bunnies and bonnets...... and glue

Then Asda for a lovely crafty box set 

Add into the equation tissue paper, foam, felt and anything else I could find in the house.  

And what should the boys create .... something really really arty ... something with a religious theme... something neat and symmetrical??

hmm .... perhaps not ....  (Noah was stroppy by now cause I wouldn't let him play with his and refused to pose).

Challenge 2 - Easter Eggs

Step 1- don't even contemplate blowing....... with the price of eggs at the moment (and the fact I forgot to buy any) Poundland saved the day again .... polystyrene eggs.

We found the easiest way to paint these was to cut 1 in half and place in each egg cup.  Then attach a couple of cocktail sticks (yup from Poundland) to the bottom of a whole one and stick it into the egg cup.  

Now given how superhero obsessed my boys are I thought I was onto a winner with the Just-egg League ..... but  nooooooo.   The boys didn't want to make them (humph!) .... what happened next was shear chaos.....but they had fun.

Apparently when you give a 2yr old and 5yr old paint and forget to put a cover on the table (ok I couldn't find it) and ask them to play nicely while you cook the Sunday dinner this is what happens...

But they did have fun.  I love Ben's first one he did (the multicoloured one) and I already have a fab superhero idea to help him with tomorrow, after all he can't just turn up with a painted egg can he :) and will update this post with the final article

They may not win first prize but at least no one can say "your mummy made that for you".

Meet Super Ben and Mr Nappy Noah .......


  1. OMG, that's one messy table (but bet they loved it). Sounds like your OH's like mine on the tidiness front.

    1. messy table..... floor...... walls......... but they had fun :)