Tuesday 8 April 2014

Lush - Fizzbanger

What pops, spins, smells of apple pie and sounds like something out of a Roald Dahl classic?  The Lush Fizzbanger of course.

With pressure on the purse strings Lush is a little slice of luxury for me for birthdays, mothers day, Christmas or anniversary presents.  This year I asked hubby for a Fizzbanger, thinking all his Christmases had come at once I quickly had to explain that it wasn't what he was thinking and was in fact a lovely bright yellow bath bomb from Lush.

Like most of Lush's products the smell is the first distinct thing to hit you, it has amazing citrussy apple, Cinnamon and a hint of ylang ylang.

It fizzes away in the bath releasing these amazing aromas along with a gentle 'pop pop pop' from the popping candy contained in it.

Noah won the competition over which of the 2 were going to get to put it into the water (tho not amused at
having to wait for a picture).

The boys watched as it turned the water yellow, then "mummmy it's turning blueeee" could be heard before squeals of "now the water is green...... magic".

Whilst relaxing in the bath the Petitgrain and Cinnamon Oils did a lovely job of relaxing me and left my skin feeling revitalised and silky smooth.  The smell lasted for the entire duration of the bath (an hour, you can't rush these things).

The bubbles didn't last long but I was soo relaxed I really didn't notice.  If you do like a good bubble bath tho this one is not for you.

Don't forget to look out for the secret message hidden in the bomb.

I was bought 2 of these and every night since the first one I was asked "are you having a bath tonight",  "can I put the fizzy thing in" .... and much disappointment when the answer was no.  I save them for special occasions (or when very very very stressed) ...... it's now used up and it's not out anniversary until July - I may have to splash out on another one next month.

I did try to get a video but it didn't do it justice.... instead I shall let the Lush team show you how fab it is.

I've treated Noah to his own little robot bath bomb for his birthday, lets hope he enjoys it as much as my Fizzbanger.

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