Sunday, 20 April 2014

Snazaroo and PlayPennies disappoint many fans

Like many many other Snazaroo/ PlayPennies fans 2,482 to be exact I was duped by the Playpennies/ Snazaroo marketing scam.

After seeing an advert on the PlayPennies facebook page for a free Snazaroo face paint kit on 13th April I jumped at the chance to get one.  My boys love having their faces done and have had a professional do it (using Snazaroo) at the last 2 parties they have been too so I thought this set would be a nice treat for them.

Snazaroo even advertised it on their twitter feed (and it's still there)

So happy this was a genuine giveaway I went through the link and gave my details to Snazaroo then received confirmation stating

~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

"THANK YOU for signing up to our mailing list!

You must be excited to start trying out your free face paint! We have received your request and it will be with you shortly*.

As a member of our mailing list, you'll receive monthly updates including new products, special members-only discounts and our latest tips and guides! We think you'll enjoy these exciting emails, however you may unsubscribe at any time, using the link at the bottom of the email.

Happy Face Painting from the team at Snazaroo

*Please note, samples are only available to addresses in the UK, all samples are due for dispatch on Tuesday 15th April 2014. Please allow 3-5 working days for delivery."

~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

YAY I had signed up in time and the goodies would be arriving shortly, no mention that there was a limited supply, and in time for the rest of the Easter holidays so I could review them on this blog and give a bit of publicity (one good turn deserves another right).

Except no, this was nothing more than a marketing ploy for them to get your details as myself and many others found on the 16th when we received a follow up email stating

~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

THANK YOU for your interest in face painting!

We had an absolutely fantastic response to our free Easter sample giveaway.

We had so much that we have run out of samples! We are sorry to say that you weren't one of the lucky ones... However we don't want to leave you empty handed. 

Please enjoy a special £3 voucher you may use online at on anything!*

To use your gift voucher, simply spend £10 or more and enter the code below in to your basket.

code: EASTER3

~~~~~~~~~~~  ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~

So not even a freebie, they are imposing a minimum spend ..... tho delivery is at least free over Easter.  

Think I'll be sticking to my cheap facepainting kit that I got in John Lewis.  I certainly won't be taking advantage of their offer.... I will in fact be unsubscribing 

............ oh no wait  ...... they won't let you do that either!!!!  convenient isn't it!!

Both PlayPennies and Snazaroo have been contacted by myself and many other angry parents over this scam but have as yet ignored all requests for explanations as to what went wrong.  If there was a limited number why were the codes not capped to stop people applying.... just how many free kits were there (any??  I've not yet read a post from anyone who got one).

Even a "we hold our hands up and apologise" would suffice .... but nope, they won't even do that, they refuse to comment at all.  That is poor customer service.

Were you one who got a kit??  Did you get the same emails??  Have you been able to unsubscribe??  Please post below - perhaps if this goes viral we may get a resolution ... failing that I believe the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) will be very interested in the fact they now have our information but will not allow us to remove ourselves from the mailing list.

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