Monday, 21 April 2014

Lego cake

Noahs birthday started off much like any other soon to be 3 year old ..... with a request for a Hulk cake.  Sure I could buy some icing picture off ebay (or somewhere) and a sponge cake .... or I could make it myself .... that was where the trouble started!!

With the boys we did a trial run a couple of weeks ago using red food colouring (to make a spiderman cake) - it didn't give quite the colour intensity I was hoping for....

So armed with green gel colour (which my friend advised would work much better) I set about the cake making mission.  The flavour of the Spiderman cake was lovely so we used  the same recipe.

I also bought multicoloured ready rolled icing and dug out the Lego silicone moulds.  Hulk himself was going to prove a challenge ... there was nothing online I felt confident copying so I went with a simple (well ..) marble cake with green icing, Lego man and bricks.

So Tuesday night was spent cake making....and shaving off the burnt bits (stupid gas oven I HATE it!!)

Wednesday night was spent painstakingly putting ready rolled icing in the silicon moulds (which I thought I'd taken a photo of but apparently not).  The trick I learnt here was to put them into the freezer as they set just enough to remove them and very very quickly go back to being soft and malleable (it's like a race against the clock to get them on the cake)

I also iced (well I say iced, I poured very watery green butter icing over the top) the cake.

Thursday I had to rush home from work to prepare birthday tea, put the logo bits onto the cake and ice (using pens) the finer details ... can you work out who each character is supposed to be? Thankfully my boys could ... with some gentle coaxing.

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