Monday, 8 December 2014

Bubble wrap calenders

I found some of those little calender tabs in Poundland the other day and in true Chickywiggle fashion my hand was buying them before my brain had decided what to make.
Then the other day when the boys were up to their elbows in paint I spotted some bubble wrap and came up with a great idea.... bubblewrap printing.

Step 1
Cut bubble wrap to the same size as your backing, in the case A4 card.

Step 2

Paint directly onto the raised side of the bubble wrap in any pattern you choose.

Step 3
Place paper/ card onto the painted side of the bubble wrap and gently press down, you are not trying to pop the bubbles.

Step 4
Peel off and leave to dry.

Step 5
Cut the date out using stencils and glue on along with a photo of a fab occasion.

Step 6
Affix calender


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