Saturday, 6 December 2014

Christmas guides - Tableware

This year we are really going for it in style, Ben is old enough to get into the spirit of it now and loves finding all things festive so I agreed we would have a proper crockery set for the Christmas Period.

We looked at a few and loved some from B&M but then we went to Morrisons and came home with this set.......

I also have placemats and coasters...... somewhere ;)

Isn't it just the cutest Christmas selection, lets have a better look.

Dinner Time

Crackers - £4 for 12
These feature the usual bits that you'd find; a toy, hat and motto.

Dinner Plates
These are so cute and come in 4 different designs; penguin, snowman, santa and reindeer to match the rest of the set.

Dessert bowls.

These feature all the characters as well as the words "Happy Christmas".

Glass tumblers - £1 each
Feature all the characters around them

Gravy Boat
This is apparently the centrepiece of Christmas for Ben. We never have a gravy boat (what's wrong with a pyrex jug?) but no, we had to get this and he carried it all the way around Morrisons and home (fortunatly in one piece). It is lovely tho and has 2 charcters on each side.

Party Tea

Napkins - £1.25 for 20

Paper Plates - £1.25 for 10 

Paper Table covering

Plastic bowls.
These feature all the characters as well as the words "Happy Christmas".

Please note this post is not sponsored by Morrisons (I wish it was), I will post prices just as soon as I find the receipts.


  1. Hello, this is a LONG shot but does anyone have a snowman side plate from this collection that they would be willing to sell me?? Thanks in anticipation.

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  3. Hi have you any dinner plates from this collection still please to purchase - if so how can I get them - x

  4. I forgot to leave my details about the plates - laura farrow -