Thursday, 11 December 2014

Tesco Ingredients Dairy range - a review

Readers to my blog will know that I am part of the Tesco Orchard Programme which allows me to try their various services and foods for free or at a reduced price.  You will also know how picky my family are.

The Tesco Ingredients Dairy range is rather limiting at the moment.   It is designed to feature ingredients that will turn everyday cooking into something different, special.  They do this thanks to the special blend of flavours and ideas Tesco have obtained from around the world.

You should be able to buy items such as; “Spanish Chorizo and Smoked Paprika Cheesy Toppers”, “Parmesan and Tomato Butter” and “Stroganoff Cooking Sauce”,
  Tesco provide some amazing looking recipes:

 - Greek style Filo Fish Parcels which can be made using the Tesco Ingredients Sundried Tomato, Basil & Feta Melts

Pot Baked Middle Eastern Spiced Marinated Chicken which uses the  Tesco Ingredients Middle Eastern Style Yogurt Marinade to give the Chicken great flavour.

- How good does the Roast Butternut Squash & Mushroom Stroganoff Cobble look?  You need Tesco Ingredients Stroganoff Paste with Sour Cream to make this one.

Unfortunately for me I live in Sheffield, more importantly I seem to live in a part of Sheffield that doesn't want to experience this new range.
I went into my huge local store and could find nothing and thought this was one campaign I would have to take a hit on, fortunately my online store did hold for of the items in the range and more importantly they held items the family would enjoy.

Tesco Roast Garlic & Herb Butter 60G   £1.00
Tesco Bacon, Caramel Onion & Blue Cheese 2 Pack £1.00
Tesco Cheesy Italian Herb & Garlic Topping  £1.00
Tesco Tandoori Style Yoghurt 200G £1.25

Planning a meal of Pasta and Homemade Garlic Bread I opted for the Garlic and Herb butter and the Italian Herb and Garlic Topping.

We really love sausages cooked in a tomato based pasta and thought this breadcrumb topping with cheese, herbs and garlic would really crisp it up and give a new dimension and taste.
   Unfortunately for me Tesco couldn't find any and substituted it ....... for a second pack of Garlic & Herb Butter.  This meant my pasta lacked a little something, still it tasted pretty good.

As for the Garlic and Herb butter ... well that went down a storm.  We had ordered a pack of crusty bread mix and added the butter to it to make our own homemade garlic bread, I think it was gone faster then the pasta and has been requested more and more.  There's a separate post for that here.

Fortunately for me the Garlic and Herb butters can be frozen and take up no room at all.  They can be added to french stick and re-heated in the oven to soak in, we've even considered using it on pizza dough and topping with cheese for flat cheesy garlic bread rather then rolls or a loaf.

I've saved some of my money off coupons in the hope I can pick up the Parmesan and Tomato Butter in the new year as I think this would give bread a fantastic flavour.

Disclaimer:  I was able to try this free thanks to the Orchard at Tesco programme.  The thoughts and opinions remain my own.

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