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Blogging Event: Lands' End with Joe Blogs

Friday night was like any normal night, I'd put the finishing touches to be shopping delivery, tucked the boys up in bed and put TV on, planning what to do the next day..... Lego was featuring pretty highly...... then Joe Blogs posted about an event, in Leicester and the lovely Amanda sent us an invite.  After a quick check of trains I decided to brave the journey, we quite often do Manchester (an hour away) so in reality by this was only an extra half hour - what could go wrong.

I packed a bag of spare clothes, activity books, story books, crayons and Bananagrams ready for an early departure Saturday morning..... and re-booked my shopping order.

Saturday morning the boys woke up and got ready with minimal fuss and we headed for the station, tickets purchased we dashed to buy pastry goodness for breakfast ......

But I won't bore you with details of our journey, but we made our connection and got to Oakham an hour early.  We had a little trip up and over the train bridge - it was a great view.  Then had a little wonder around the village before heading to the 'park' for a sit down, snack and drink.  We then set off for Lands' End HQ (next to their outlet centre).

The Lands' End building not only houses the UK headquarters but also a factory outlet shop which I'm eager to go back to next time we have a trip that way, it looks as if they are having a new cafe built so that's an even better excuse :) .....anyway I digress, we found the main reception and were taken to where all the magic happens ....... and buns.


picture courtesy of Joe Blogs

Oh yes Lands' End certainly know the way to a child and a bloggers heart as they had laid out the tastiest buns with the most amazing chocolate frosting.  We helped ourselves to lunch ( a great spread) much needed tea, coffee (juice for the kids) and buns and looked at the displays of children's clothing (being extra careful with chocolatty fingers).



picture courtesy of Joe Blogs
When everyone was ready to go the children were shown the playroom ...

....with crafts, a film, a ball pool (Noah's favourite), face painting, a Wii and giant Jenga (Ben's favourite) among others while the bloggers filed into the meeting room to find out more about the brand.

Lands' End is over 50 years old as Gary Comer, the founder introduced his concept to the USA in 1963.  Coming from a nautical/ sailing background Gary found this practical theme lacking in the market at the time and created a brand of casual. high quality. wet weather clothing.  As the years went on Lands' End expanded to build local customer service centres in the UK (1991), Japan (1994), Germany (1996). France (2000) and more recently Canada in 2013.  Their website features local pages for each of these currencies and offers worldwide shipping.

Earlier in the year Lands' End got a new CEO who is bringing their sailing background to the role and providing new influences while still maintaining Gary's original vision.

This year the website has had a revamp so no only can you search by type or colour but now by collection so you can see what they suggest to wear together.

Monique took us through some of the new AW15 ranges, their branding and features.

picture courtesy of Joe Blogs

Quality Time is their signature theme with the first Squall jacket appearing in 1963.  The idea for this range is that it is an easy, everyday relaxed style that can be worn by anyone and the branding shows through in both the adults and children's ranges.  The same high quality deign in both the outerwear and knitwear can be seen today, although they have also moved with the times to keep this classic piece current.

A Closer Look at the Land is this seasons new range.  It features really bold statement pieces, lots of colour with a tighter, modern, look for the 'younger customer'.

Some of my favourite items of their women's clothing can be found here

Next Helen took us through her section of Lands' End, the children's bit.  We'd all had a good look at this earlier on but it was great to hear the rationale behind the items.

The kids range, aimed at both boys and girls ages 4-13 years, was introduced to the US in 1990, and the rest of Europe in 2011.  For Lands' End kids wear needs to be 3 things; practical, hard wearing and "let kids be kids".

Their outerwear is temperature tested (using a copper mannequin in a cold chamber) and comes in 3 ratings:  warm (up to -15'), warmer (up to -21') and warmest for those skiing trips (up to -26').
  I'm going to tell you all about the amazing features of their child's Squall jacket in another post as it deserves one of it's own!

The T-shirts aren't boring and plain (I hate those) but have great images on and many take an educational stance which the kids loved, Lands' End also carry this theme into the girls range so whilst you can buy a pink one with a horse you can also buy a glow in the dark grey one with the Pegasus constellation on.

The boys trousers come with a reinforced Iron Knees®, an invisible polyester patch that adds double the durability where trousers need it most.  Unfortunately this is only available in the boys range as a trial showed the girls didn't favour it.  Size wise though the fit is the same with an adjustable waist so if your Tomboy enjoys knee slides and climbing trees there is no reason they can't wear the boys trousers.

You'll be able to see some of our favourite items when I've finished my children's wish list post (link to follow).

After this, with Lands' End having already taken care of a toilet run with the kids (it's the little things that please me) we were ushered onto a coach to set sail on Rutland Waters ..... ..... ........ but that's another post.

picture courtesy of Joe Blogs

Why not try out the range for yourself, Lands' End have given me a bloggers discount code to share with you for 30% off their online range.

Use the code LESTYLE* before 31st October to receive 30% off your basket.


  Lands' End

Thank you for a fab day Lands' End and Joe Blogs, Ben keeps asking when he can come and play again (think he may have developed a slight crush on Georgie(?))

Disclaimer:  We received great treatment, experience and a lovely goodiebag in exchange for an honest post.

*enter LESTYLE in the 'promotion code' field on the shopping basket page. Code is valid on Lands' End products only. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer.

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